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one lightworker to another

I visited truebluehealer

I smiled when I saw the word BAGGAGE
I just taught a group how to 'empty their cup' of 'other people's stuff/expectatiion/beliefs' a few days ago

Sydney is on my list of places to visit in 2012!!!

Do keep in touch

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Blessings & abundance
Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life.
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metaRising has made a comment on Scientist Sheldrake exposes Richard Dawkins as a Fundamentalist Pseudoskeptic:

I put a quote for Carl Sagan at the beginning of my book about psi phenomena. I respected his sceptical though fair and scientific approach. It is clearly distinct from that of Dawkins. I should say that I respect Dawkins on other fronts though. I don't believe he knows he is throwing the baby out with the bath water so to speak.

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More and more authors visiting TBH and its videos- the plan is working

 (author above)

Comment on your video: Skeptics feel the Ideomotor effect here

Thank you for sending me this video Steve. It was a fascinating experience and will be fun to share. This simple effect is probably at the basis of many so called paranormal or subtle energy effects and claims. I am inclined to infer that certain psi effects have been demonstrated in laboratories. I feel it is helpful to make a clear distinction between so called paranormal phenomena and well established psi effects.

I have just sent him the next two secret videos. YUK YUK YUK