Giddying ride with  Black Ops escapee  Dr Paul  LaViolette

His parents worked on the Manhattan project .
Astrophysicist Dr Paul la Violette has worked on black projects so far removed from our daily reality he saw them as a crime against humanity.

This man is a paradigm busting exercise to listen to. The Camelot team  expertly tease out of him some very complex concepts that he presents in quite understandable layman's language.

He is the closest to describing Life the Universe and Everything in 2 hrs 20 mins that I have encountered.
Reserve some time for this video. Pause the video and leave it  and reurn a couple of times to make sure you see it all.  Give yourself time to think. The best part is the last 30 mins.

Super waves he talks about. Ice core evidence for. Beryllium10 signature.
Signatures of massive waves from distant stars of gamma, gravity and cosmic ray storms  that flood our solar system  recolouring our sky, stoking our sun into massive Coronal Mass Ejections that cause mass extinctions on earth, and likely melts rocks on the moon. Verified by Apollo.And also likely earth crustal events. ( by gravity waves) Also sudden glacier melts and thus huge floods.

One more disturbing thing. These Superwave events are cyclical. Predictable. And one is overdue.

Cycles of 5700yrs 26,000 yrs and a few more. 2012 may be the predicted arrival time  of a Superwave. Ancient  mythical evidence suggests this. They knew more than us.

The ice core Beryllium 10 evidence coincides eerily with our ice age onsets  mass extinctions and some  major human historic events.

It would also explain the Electrified sky objects observed by ancient astronomers - coronal discharges around planets etc drawn on ancient rocks and cave walls, all over the world . Described in the Electric Universe theory.

You will need a scratch pad to jot down the many subjects he raises and explains with his Phd dissertation on Sub Quantum Kinetics.

Sub Quantum Kinetics explains a breathtaking list of mysteries.

How hydrogen can be made  inert yet provide vast electric power  See site Blacklight power.
How the first law of thermo dynamics is false. (Energy can't be created or destroyed) Sub Quantum Kinetics explains over unity motors.

He also explains why modern physics is lost and preaches falsehoods like a religion. Because its based on materialism. If one starts with the non physical  base of FLUX in  an all pervading aether its possible to explain virtually everything including the origin of thoughts, zero point energy and the continuous creation of matter at the heart of galaxies.

The FLUX idea was explained to him in a gnostic event associated with  his Kundalini rise. Plants seemed to speak to him. He was "given" the idea

He says there never was one big bang but there are numerous ongoing bangs creating matter at the heart of galaxies. NOT black holes.
Red shift the sign of an expanding Universe? Ha ha  NO he says. Light "gets tired", loses energy at great distances and shifts colour. Verified already. 1hr 35mins.
Blue shift at 1:42 he predicted years in advance  would occurr with the two pioneer space probes leaving the solar system that years later mystifed astronomers when Einsteinian  predictions failed.

He also says Sub Quantum Kinetics makes   superluminal propulsion  and travel quite possible. Not to mention de-matrialisations and matter passing thru walls.

He introduces a new subject every 2 minutes. So have a scratchpad ready.And PAUSE the video to give yourself time to think a bit. Come back later. 

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