Child minding Kangaroos on the
 Australian Gold Coast
My parents retirement village on the Gold Coast has never allowed dogs and it backs onto a large forest area.Mother kangaroos leave their babies sleeping for the day around the bird bath, in my parents front garden. They do drink from the birdbath. While Mother is away gorging on grass to produce milk. The babies sleep mostly and are relatively unafraid of people. Elswhere I have fed kangaroos melon jam on bread. They love it. Kangaroos are curious and can be quite affectionate to people.
Here Mother writes - Now we have a rockery to weed, and fill with river pebbles, so as to make it look nice with no work.  We put mulch on it before, but the kangaroos used it for a bed, so we put the Bonsai's on it.  Perhaps they won't like pebbles.  They sleep in the day you see, and get up around 4 pm for breakfast.  So they were there all day. flattening the flowers.  Rod can only plant marigolds because the possums eat his petunias, or pansies. Now I have to laugh, because he wants to grow tomatoes, but the possums will have them also.  They got mine.  So our wildlife is pretty wild.