This engaging disneyesque animated description of kundalini is so entrancing it is misleading . One's personal "take" on this is quite different when it happens to you automatically via LAY GNOSIS.  No meditation is required (but you still can, of course) and the beginning experience is  typically started with  sudden onset tinnitus, whistling buzzing roaring in the ears, and  one of floating, unsteadiness, dizziness, perhaps a column of energy rising up the spine for 6 -9 months. Soft prickles and tingles starting in the left big toe and progressing up the leg. These will,  also, during the K rise  process, be used to communicate with you by physical signalling. And will remain pernanently with you afterward for that. There may be breathing difficulties for up to one hour, a couple of times. Flashes of light in the head.  Tiredness,  temporary nausea.Virtually no disruption to your daily life except on a couple of days you may be internally asked to lie down  or just sit for a few hours. That's crown chakra day. You are likely to hear garbled voices, have garbled dreams, garbled music as you are biochemically tuned in. In the 6-9 month process you may be told things by direct voice address, unique to your needs. 
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