Gnostics no longer the perennial losers

  Gnostic history is engaging for what it doesn't contain .  It's hard to find any history of gnostics going on the warpath.  There is no record of gnostics, burning Christians alive, besieging castles or burning  european cities. Gnostics never attacked the Roman empire. never enslaved other peoples. No gnostic king ever conquered an adjacent territory. No bunch of gnostics ever massacred innocents.

Yet all of these horrors were routinely committed by Religionists. And still are.

In the south of France, in medieval times, perhaps hundreds of thousands of gnostic people were slaughtered in Catholic Christian Crusades. Men women and children.

In earlier roman times gnostics were branded as heretics and burned alive tortured to death etc.

The last and most prominent gnostic burned by the Catholic church was Joan of Arc.
Likely the most prominently known gnostic of all time.

So how does the reader here, read the quality of the two opposing groups?

I think it's no contest. What sort of society do you want?

Today modern LAY GNOSIS enables anyone to be connected directly to God. It's a 20 minute biochemical switch closure at this website. The wbesite doesn't  know or even care about your beliefs. It works on all people.

That LAY GNOSIS is physically contagious from a website, means it can be spread rapidly through society if they only know about it.Meaning it can't be stamped out any more by Big Religion.
Now that you have some idea of the distinctly different behaviours of Gnostic and Religionist societies YOU can assist in  spreading gnosis to produce a better society.

There is a need for that, yes?  

So tell people about LAY GNOSIS.

And keep a fire extinguisher handy.