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So this is an interesting story.  One of my new online potter friends wrote me earlier this year, maybe January, and we discussed meditation, etc.  Very casual because like with youtube you talk through a keyhole of just little short snips.  But I mentioned about TBH.  Don't know if she went or not.  The thing is,  as an artist myself ,I noted her artwork  style, quite OK,  but then a few weeks later she comes up with these absolutely stunning line of pots.  Go see and be surprised.  The difference is remarkable to say the least.  I think Dad made contact. ;)

Surprise departure ceramics after gnostic contact

more on the crop circle lady

From Jill
I seemed to have forgotten this whole dialog I had with Diana the crop circle potter.  You have to read it from the bottom up, don't seem to be able to edit it in reverse. 
I guess I have been so busy with my work that I forgot to follow up with her.  Really nice lady.
Dear Jill:
Your dream sounds wonderful! That is very exciting! Can't wait! Meditating at 18? Kudos!! I was a late bloomer.

Oh, thanks for reminding, me! I forgot I didn't finish the Beginner's tour, I went straight to YouTube. So, I missed the part where he stated it was the Creator, I saw that on the Tour now.

When I played the music samples, I cried! I've been hearing the 'Hallalujah (sp?) Chorus' in my head for about a year now! It always makes me very happy. And I've heard a loud, sharp whistle twice, both when I needed to wake up. (Once I was staying up with my kiln and I fell asleep in my chair when I heard it). Totally wild! I really get a great vibe from Steve too.

My home email is dancingdolphin(at)woh.rr.com
Thanks again!

28 January 2010 9:55pm EDT
Hi Di,
Yes if does matter who it is and he does state early on that it is the Creator or Source that resides within. Sounds like you are a natural and a latent Gnostic. Yes, I had my big Dream, it was wonderful. A character named Flow came to me and sang me the most beautiful song, it broke my heart to have to awaken. I have been with it for over a year but have meditated since I was 18. Give it a few days to 2 weeks. At first it may seem like not much is happening but it can snowball and from what you say I would expect some really good stuff. Listen carefully, and try not to move when you first wake up, for the song which is a messaging one or a messaging dream. Ask directly for a dream from Dad as Steve puts it. And also write Steve with any questions, he always is kind and answers. I know the site is a vague mess but that is deliberate so as to suspend our judging nature. Did you see all the Beginnner's Tour, it helps. Hope this isn't to long. If you want, write to me directly at jillatay [!at] mail.com.
28 January 2010 8:50pm EDT
Hey, again! I checked out TrueBlueHealer and it was very interesting. Have you been doing it very long? I was confused at how vauge he is about who the entity is that he connects with. Couldn't figure out if he believes it's our Creator, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels? Does it matter? I dunno.

Anyway, I watched the video and it was fun. Whenever I focus on my hands they tingle because of the Reiki, but a very cool thing happened after the video was over. I had patted down my aura energy field pretty darn good, especially over my head. Afterwards, my crown chakra was on fire! It was awesome! I'm hoping the vivid dreams start soon, sounds very cool! There was a page on the site called something like dormant lay gnostic. I think I'm one of those. I get messages from the songs on the radio all the time and I've had vivid flashes and visions in my third eye; but never knew how to "control" it or really communicate with it. I do, however practice automatic writing on my computer and have wonderful communications and love blasts from various guides and spirit friends. Thanks so much for telling me about this, I'm excited to see what happens.
28 January 2010 8:32pm EDT
Just read your profile. Sounds like we are kindred spirits. Love the hand tingling things. I just have learning about this from a place called truebluehealer.com. He teaches the 'hand trick' over the internet and then it gets really interesting. However, I have to warn you that I have a very spiritual bent and it may not appeal to everyone.
27 January 2010 11:30am EDT
Snagged another one