Jill, Gnostic veteran and ceramic artist.
Jill's Ceramic Artistry catalogue

Jill is a veteran lay gnostic and quite a ceramic artist. Meaning she moulds clay into figurine shapes  paints them with a special colouring vitreous paint and fires it  in a furnace about 500 degrees C.

One of the longest lasting artforms, these objects can survive thouands of years.

Jill is quite capable of producing her own unique designs and her Gnosis reveals another part of our existence previously written off  as "intuition"

In her dreams night and day Jill is occasionally shown ideas. Unique images she has not seen before which  she turns into wonderful ceramic artworks. Deeply satisfying is this for her. It is a gift from God. This repeats more and more. Numerous great scientific discoveries are the result of dreams, likewise many stories and works of art and powerful ideas.
Jill  is a very good example of this inspiration process that has clearly gone on since the dawn of humanity. Which points out that we are obviously not  just clever animals.There is much more to us than we might first think. Something big and adoring cares about us, nurtures us and our activities.

So do have look at Jill's God inspired artwork on the link.