Example Socrates
You have often heard me talk of a divine oracle or Guide that comes to me. It is a  kind of voice that I first heard in childhood. It always tells me what not to do but never commands me to do anything (theme of freewill and companionship  from a second  internal intelligence)

Plato talked about a second Internal intelligence dwelling within-
Someone who has used his life for learning true wisdom and exercised his higher nature if he finds the truth he cannot fail to attain immortality as completely as human nature allows because he  has always nurtured his Divine essence in himself. His Guardian Genius. He is the happiest of people

"I dream of Jeanie" is a 1965 situation comedy that had such a runaway success, it still plays on free-to-air TV in Sydney, 45 yrs later. 6 episodes daily.

It is based on the concept from an ancient arab tale of a magical servant,  a genie, that is devoted to whoever uncorks the bottle. Now just think, what might this be derived from?
Well, ancient greeks talked  about their own internal genius, a  silent partner second intelligence, in every person, which reveals itself  in the state of gnosis. (when uncorked)

A lifelong  internal companion  that adores, and advises,  supports, and steers, but carefully maintains the freewill of the gnostic.  Blue panel here.  Socrates =======>>>>>>>>>>

And in the modern fantasy television adaptation, the Jeanie is beautiful and adoring, hopelessly in love with her master.  Well guess what ? That is very close to Gnosis for Laymen.
An heroic figure appears in the minds eye, the mask of the genie, to please the beholder.You. 
Surprising  exhilarating , joyful adventures follow, which include physical affection, via skin memories. And communciations via musical favourites from your memory, as well as, physical signals and messaging vivid dreams.

In Gnosis for Laymen, your own genie is set free.And fantasy becomes your reality, with physical signals to keep you assured that a real genie, is free within you. And it is a joyful genie.


I Dream of Jeanie