Revenge of the Introverts is an article worth reading

It states, dear gnostic, if you are an  introvert you are, simply the best !  Aren't we all ? No bias here of course.

Nice page to chuckle at, and its an online newspaper with chatlines where I discovered in the Spirituality chatline, that people were complaining about music in their heads.
So I answered a few people, telling them, where they could go (politely) and then started my own thread on that theme, which has already received a bite in a few hours. This chat line is moderated and the moderator is connected the newspaper, so you can see where I am hoping the news will carry. UK newspapers. That would be a dream come true. I would love to get a journalist into TBH.  Newspapers are always  looking for something new.
Links below.

On the related issue, of publicity seeking, I just started an ebook and my computer died. Took a week to fix. But I will be putting TBH into an ebook likely published thru   that goes into numerous formats for  Amazons Kindle tablets and Apple Ipads etc 
It turns out one can now embed Youtube videos into ebooks ! Its just lots of typing now and  a few concerns about copyright. But nearly every bit of music I use in TBH is off youtube, and all fully tolerated by copyright owners.

I might be publishing the same ebook with different titles and lead-ins, to attract different audience groups. One that seems promising came  in an experience the other day when somebody started fencing with me around skeptic videos, showed considerable unexpected insight, and suddenly changed his tune toward me dramatically. It was because, of all things, he discovered the  music signalling video Poor Wandering One  from Guilbert and Sullivan. Jill's beautiful experience  It turns out he is a gnostic musician in South Africa and has partnered with a lady singer who seems quite gnostic too. And that was followed by my discovery of people complaining of music in their heads in the UK newspaper chatline.

One of the Chatline entries mentions that Einstienheard music- Mozart ! that maybe usable. He never figured it out ! Tesla openly admitted he got diagrams and speech given to him.

So now my computer is back with oodles more ram and faster mother board and I have found a delightful Mimi song from 1970 completely unknown to me. She sings very joyfully about God and how we are  wandering lost without God. She  seems to be  gnostic often talking about  much time alone in cathedrals, with God, quite openly on TV.  So on the tailend of this delicious song I will be tacking on a  long detailed advertisement for TBH.
And since my Standard Definition Video cam just died, I am now the proud owner of an HD  camera.  Its markedly superior with face recognition, auto anti gravity  steady cam or  something.   Lotsa bells and whistles. So thats where TBH is headed.

And I am  still in the middle of building a house. Mercifully the end is in sight

Links below Godlings.

On the  spirtuality chatline you guys could make  a couple of positive comments. Might help.


Revenge of the Introverts
Spirituality Chatline

Eric here. 

(I didn't see your name),

This is not a hostile letter, (after our bunfight)  but instead something I'd like you to have a listen to. It's not me trying to prove anything, just wanting you to understand that I've traveled some pathways of my own and though I've tried to write a book to describe my own journey I found it was better expressed in an instrumental I composed over two snowy winters.

It's important you listen to the first three videos.
Well, the first one is yours.

a. Lay Gnosis Hearing Voices Exquisite - Lay Gnosis Hearing Voices Exquisite - (btw. I'm a big fan of Linda's music and this is a most beautiful piece of music. As a musician you can probably understand that none of this is new to me. The late Annie Caroline Upham once sang my head right off, in personal concert and the third video recording of Michelle Ward was accomplished in January this year and it totally spontaneous. Oh, my guitar piece only gets that way towards the end. )

b. The Unknown Landscape 2012 ( this is the original composition, done on an electric guitar with effects, the way I like it) It describes the three aspects of contemplative prayer - before you listen I'd like you to visit these two pages on one of my blogs -
(this flows out of a discussion I was having with a Hindu pretender. Basically someone who says more than they actually do. Not a real meditation and certainly with no understanding of Contemplative Prayer.) and the second page too. - -
These were only nudges for this as you call pseudo-skeptic. I just referred to him as a fawn. He'd be friendly and then snarl and snap like a three head beast. Serious issues. - Well now to the piece. It is basically my attempt to describe the state that I head for when I am most receptive. What Randi mocks call us sensitives. I'm not a medium but I have been called a heretic, a mystic and some names I've forgotten. I'm probably what is called a Christian Mystic/Nondualist Contemplative - Peace. Eric --->

c. Landscape Unknown (this is the recording onto an mp3 player with Michelle singing and myself playing guitar) - It's quite spontaneous on her part as she'd never heard the piece before and it was something that came to me in three parts. I play it almost entirely from memory. Yes, I can. :) ) - I find her voice and spirit almost indelibly enchanting. A most beautiful human being - - >

I've often thought of telling people how they might learn to hear this inner voice, but it's really one of those things as you know requires a certain degree of commitment.

It's not just for some, 'tis for everyone.

Eric John Sawyer [Blue Django]