Infinity the Ultimate Trip
A collection of interviews and accounts by NDE people who provide quite a coherent presentation of  the spiritual dimension. Its quite long at 90 mins but worth stopping and starting the video a couple of times to see it in bite size chunks. Its wise to take notes and stop and start the video. Some explanations given include, radical takes on death itself, reincarnation,  eternal existence NOT automatic as the new age preaches,and victims and perpetrators actually providing services to each other.
Holocaust is discussed in one part of the story . And one can see the temptation in buddhism  toward excessive passivity, if one gets too philosophical dwelling  excessively  on the victim perpetrator paradox, and how we "choose" our lives in advance.  Certainly worth your close attention, this movie, Godlings. I think we need a panel of notes summarising this movie. It consists of a long series of conversations from about 6 NDE people, some quite well known. Their testimonies are chopped up and edited into coherent subject groups as the show progresses along. So the summary would consist of  blocks of text with that particular speakers name, like Neale Donald Walsch (CWG man.) for example. A job for me. And I'm busy  pouring concrete right now.
Its also available in Spanish and going into the Spanish TBH which starts up soon thanks to Gladys, in the Canaries.