INELIA BENZ  Calm gnostic with wisdom for all


I was greatly taken with Inelia Benz. Great basic gnostic wisdom, for all expressed in very simple everyday language. No obscure words, or any need to rush off and look up books. No vagaries. No brushoffs or avoidance of hard questions.Very simple language answerring questions on very complex topics. No fuss No egoism.

Thus her interview with Bill Ryan of Camelot is very instructive for many and most useful to people  in the process of awakening. Some of her talk is very familiar to Lay Gnostics.

Certainly talking to strangers I have had my mouth operated by source  saying the most telling things in conversation that I don't actually know, to gain the other's confidence.
This type of intervention is also reported by  Lay Gnostic Gina Fullbright in South Carolina. That situation  generally requires a  shop where strangers can  just wander in.

The foreign language chatter described by Inelia  I am told by source will happen to me, but the caveat is, it only happens when necessary, which has not yet occurred in my case. It can happen to any gnostic I supect.

And she points out usefully , that being awakened does not come  with magic powers necessarily, and should not be expected.  For example she points out, don't think you can heal every disease on the planet, because you are awakened. That's certainly one of the most prevalent mistaken expectations that comes out of Holy books.
Relieved Bill Ryan, gnostic interviewer, says Amen to that.

Transcript is available here