David Icke on Rothschild Nazi-Zionism today

TBH here. Fascism in bed with Zionism was well entenched in most countries  during the great depression. Capitalism was failing, alternatives were sought. Hitler came to power in 1933 result of a coup.

An attempt to replicate this  fascist's dream coup in the US, in 1934 FAILED.

The same conditions provoked by Rothschilds bankers  prevailed in the US --depression, disaffection with capitalism, much flirtation with Rothschilds  Bolshevik communism and fascism. Numerous large  US corporations and industrialists formed a secret group (the usual formula) and revealed themselves to another "chosen" leader hoped to be as successful as Hitler, with his bloodless coup , the famous army General Smedley Butler. The general turned out to be made of different stuff to Hitler. He wasn't a psychopath. But he went along with the industrialists inviting him to set up a fascist reich in America with him  in 1934, as titular head of state operated and supported and controlled by the clique of top industrialists. The generals job was to lead street parades of war veterans  (like Hitler did ) and campaign to replace the US government with a fascist dictatorship.( because it just worked so smoothly in Germany)
The general got all the names and addresses of these industrialists very patiently.

He then exposed the fascist revolution plans of the nations top capitalists to the US parliament in great detail. Essentially the most household word named  corporate owners faced a death sentence for attempting to overthrow the governement for TREASON, sedition insurrection etc.
But there were no hangings dear reader. All these elite industrialists claimed they had all contacted Smedly Butler  as a practical  joke. HA HA
And of course they owned the parliament which chose not to question them at all surprise surprise. !
General Smedley Butlers testimoney exposing a blatant fascist coup attempt in the House of Reps  was stored for years in some parliamentary library that was  virtually unknown till the Internet came along. And then it was discovered that Smedley Butlers testimony naming the coup  industrialists was missing from the library box.  Thus the industrialists just carried on business as usual. And are still doing it today.  A few links below (right)
So the  Mullins template that we live in a NAZI FASCIST ZIONIST  corporate world today is quite a good take.
General Smedley Butler wrote an essay worth reading "War is a Racket " It quickly reveals how he was the wrong man picked for the job.We need more like him. History could have been so different if he had been a hardcore fascist in 1934.

So can you see dear reader, how there was a number of fascist / communist  takeovers around the world. 1917, 1933, 1934. That's not bad going for the Rothschilds. A sustained attempt  to directly seize  the world's most vital nations. 2 out of three isn't bad.

In 1938 a card carrying NAZI Leo Strauss  from Germany migrated to the US and at a prestigious University began teaching the  children of the elite  NAZI ZIONISM. No surprise these people became the NEOCONS that filled Reagans government and every US government since. So now you understand why there are  "wars for the vaguest of reasons" as Mullins says. with a NAZI corporatocracy ruling  the world.

You may not realise how much Zionism influences US  daily life and  foreign and domestic policy and the Middle east and the European Union.

So I'll turn you over to David Icke's lengthy  illustrated article on this very subject. It greatly underlines Mullin's assertion that there is only one world NAZI party today. Its quite a wake up

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