More of the War on YOU

The war on YOU is never ending, and sometimes its distinctly discouraging. So many events today seem stage managed, and the Internet enables the stage managing to be exposed.
Routine now are  seemingly meaningless "spontaneous" massacres of civilians whose effect is to apall and dismay and disable you and render you meek and obedient. Stunning you.  Assaulting you. Possibly compelling you to disengage from current events, rendering you more docile, more governable. Which seems to be the idea.

Simple comprisons of these massacres and hindsight analysis points to high level organisations being complicit.
In the recent Batman theatre shooting, an interpretation of the reported events by a knowledgable person provides a compelling explanation of not just the Batman shooting, but the explanation also fills in the many blanks and anomalies surrounding the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania where young  mentally disabled Martin Bryant, who had never owned  or used a gun, repeatedly denied doing the massacre, key witnesses insisted he didnt do it, and that another man wearing a blond wig was the expert shooter.

Grace Powers provides a compelling explanation of how anyone can be made to commit a crime, with no memory of it whatsoever, using a drug called scopolamine. It seems to be routinely used by Mossad. Why wouldnt they use it?  Linked article provides a detailed background on the use of  the hypnotic scopolamine which is used for date rape, getting people to assist thieves,  robbing their own houses, and murder. Simple crimes so far. Its possibled to drug someone for weeks at a time, with scopolamine, and thus establish  fake  but  apparently genuine criminal tendencies in advance, of say, a major crime, like say, a massacre. And the subject has no memory of this. Worth watching the video provided by Grace Powers.
Oh and Holmes the alleged shooters, own father,  apparently has some clever software,  and is a member of a powerful
fraud detection agency, now revealing many suspicious transactions in the  worlwide LIBOR fraud scam, the biggest banking fraud in history.
Its worth hundreds of trillions, and involves thousands of elite bankers.
A massacre might be  a useful distraction to fill the media and suggest that guns should be more controlled. If angry citizens ever find out what we have done..... etc, calls for the shooting of bankers might be heeded.  Tony Blair has already been asked about this.

  The  LIBOR fraud is so big its beyond your comprehension, dear reader 370 trillion maybe, so I provide a few excerpts below in cavalier language to supply basic understanding. 

And you can apply Grace Powers Scopolamine and Mossad explanation to Martin Bryants  1996 P
ort Arthur massacre, and suddenly it looks so similar. 



Grace Powers Scopolamine explanation
A summary of the Port Arthur massacre
Although this summary is made by US gun advocates  quoting australian Joe Vialls, it does point out numerous anomalies in the reported events, I do recall discussed in the media. In particular, I have seen the  1987 TV clip where Politician Barry Unsworth said "we will need a massacre in Tasmania to achieve uniform gun laws of any use"  It was done  preciseley to order, it seems, by outside interests.  No need to read the entire very lengthy page, you will get the idea fairly quickly. Just add scopolamine
Layman's language Explanation of LIBOR fraud 


The LIBOR scandal unleashed brush fires. They started in London but extend throughout the entire Western banking treeline. The scandal that started at Barclays and Lloyds has hit Deutsche Bank, as well as Citibank and JPMorgan. Many more pages will be written on the LIBOR brush fire, as the damages are delineated by those on the opposite side of the price rigging table. The USFed, Bank of England, and Euro Central Bank are directly implicated, casting corrupt light on the central bank franchise system. The clownish supposed economic expert Larry Kudlow actually attempted to claim the crime scene had no victims, as all benefit across the system. The naive Wall Street defender (carnival barker) must not be aware of the damages claimed by the mortgage underwriters in the lending industry, by corporations seeking stable bond yields, and by the swap recipients in countless state government agencies. A figure was put forth this week that caught my eye. For every single basis point in the LIBOR price rig, fully $50 billion in effects result. The market is huge, involving a staggering $370 trillion in worldwide debt. Expect hundreds of high profile lawsuits. Expect dozens of class action lawsuits. Expect well over $1 trillion in total declared damages from the legal attempts at remedy. LIBOR will not go away, since it is actually the heart & soul of the entire lending industry, and of the shadowy derivative market. LIBOR funds the vast derivative market, which is becoming frazzled in a slow disintegration. The brush fire will burn down the USTBond Tower and render useless its Interest Rate Swap buttress structural support, both of which are in an implosion mode.


This article is not about LIBOR and its inner workings, the damage suffered by mortgage underwriters, the short changing of corporations and state agencies involved in swaps. Instead, this article is about the serious jumps in the brush fire, jumps to new areas of scandal, which will take down the system. In no way is the list of potential new fire zones comprehensive. Perhaps a few more will result, since large burning tree branches have a way of being lifted by the high winds of controversy fanned by deep suspicion. The entire document discovery process will be exploited to the fullest, a vast crowbar. Once the lid is lifted via legal discovery of LIBOR criminal collusion, all is fair game to be viewed and pulled out of the vast sea of scum, filth, and rancid paper floating within the big bank balance sheets. It is all admissible evidence. Then there are the communications often shown to be highly revealing to establish motive and paint the pictures in more detail. No longer are those analysts like the Jackass considered biased, tilted, and off the mark when they cite financial corruption as an ongoing theme year after year. The corruption is coming to the surface, fully visible, in a manner to render perhaps fatal damage to the system. My theme has been systemic failure from the inefficiencies and corruption wrought by the Fascist Business Model. Witness it!


My focus is on jumps in the big brush fire that escalate the financial criminal exposures. Entirely new areas of criminal exposure, investigation, and prosecution will emerge. LIBOR was the center, and Barclays was the banker's bank, which owns sizeable equity shares of numerous global banks. Leave aside the difficult questions as to why and how the LIBOR fraud was revealed, and why and how the crime was not shoved under the rug as usual, and what higher power is controlling and orchestrating the maneuvers. LIBOR and Barclays lie at the heart of the Western banking cartel and power structure, labeled corrupt to the core. The big banker brush fire has begun. It is raging, but it will spread to create several other nasty brush fires. The jumps will occur easily, the process having already begun.



Just in the last ten days, the brush fire jumped into the drug money laundering forest. Permit an imagery jump as well, even though mixed imagery is a cardinal sin of composition. But since on the topic of jumping, a shift in the blaze of imagery might be appropriate. The money laundering of narotics funds is a vast industry. The United Nation task force identified the United States as being unduly reliant upon the benefits of drug money infusion into the banking system following the 2008 Lehman bust, sufficient to prevent a collapse. The UN document reports were published in 2009 and again in 2010. What better place to funnel the money than into the primary banking system from the USGovt agencies responsible for the vast clearing house functions. Representative Ron Paul has addressed this problem in direct accusations. Here is the imagery jump. The operations of money laundering are like a collection of wires without insulated coatings laid out on dark basement floors, one from each bank. The participating big banks do not always have full knowledge of the other and their activities. Many countries are involved, as the distribution rings are vast, like with Mexico in the recent incident. So the wires occasionally cross each other and cause troublesome sparks. The High Scandal in Bank Collusion has already caught fire in the money laundering rings. The bank in the spotlight has been encouraged to align its wires properly, according to the Cooperative Installation Alignment codes from the Underwriters Lab south of WashingtonDC. They will comply, or else resignations will be the least concern of the bank executives. Their lights might go out. This is a topic loaded with risk. The message to take away is that all the major US banks are deeply committed to narco money laundering, which tie in with defense contractors who serve as errand boys and delivery hosts.


Its page of origin is much financial jargon
So dear reader, shooting bankers en masse will cross the minds of many many  armed people in years to come, and will seem justified to many. If massacres of bankers happened there would be no regrets and  much celebration. Where would it stop? Bankers desire for gun control must be very strong. And  Shooter Holmse's Father has software that Names Names of criminal  bankers. "Illuminati panic" is not an exaggeration
Militarisation of the  London Olympic games is another attempt to send a signal to angry armed people.