Professional Atheist Hitchins  likely dying of cancer   

Christopher  Hitchins Champion of the hollow  New Atheism movement, reveals some colourful thinking in this short BBC interview. He likens pregnancy to  his lethal cancer !  " a live thing inside you, a malignant alien, an obscene parody of pregnancy".
If only he knew there was God waiting inside for him to wake up !

Hopefully reconsidering many things as he approaches death (95% sure)  he might get wiser. I'm sure people would listen. His life would have productive value after all.

Notably most of these Professional Atheists are practising homosexuals bisexuals and insist that  religious beliefs and afterlife is delusion. .And they argue this point and  argue and argue and  argue and continuously argue this point because inside , their aberrant behaviours gnaw at them their whole life.  If you don't believe in afterlife why keep going on about it? Why write books about  your non belief?
I don't believe in the sphagetti monster.So I live as if it doesnt exist. I don't write books arguing against the existence of the spahetti monster for my whole life.
But that's what Hitchins does.

The main appeal of this man seems to be his beautiful Richard Burton voice.
He could do Shakespeare on stage to acclaim. He comes across as a speaker wanting an audience to listen to his beautiful  cursive delivery. But fairly content free one notes.  His pregnancy remark seems to be an attempt at Shakespearean flourish of language



Short interview on BBC