Grahame Hancock

Graham Hancock noted Author of Fingerprints of the Gods and proponent of plant based shamanic  hallucinogens,  here makes an impassioned poignant plea for freedom for every person to explore their own consciousness.

He states a most eloquent case, highlighting the all too real, War against Humanity, that has has been waged by the ruling  psychopathic elites since time began.

Religions and secular law are  mind control, thought control, action control which prevent people knowing themselves- reaching enlightenment whether it be via meditation, hallucinogenic plants or whatever.

Much truth to Hancock's statement that the state is the enemy of the individual, way too much.
He points out that the many notions we have of freedom  such as freedom to buy anything, are really tragic illusions that distract us from our true  pitiful slavery.

That we are corralled as inmates, inside a mental prison pouring out of the TV screen with no respite, to think by ourselves. To question.To imagine.

At the en
d he adds a caveat that if people on hallucinogens commit crimes they should be punished by secular law. But personal use of mind altering drugs should be allowed as long as society is not disrupted, to enable people to explore their consciousness.  Hancock campaigns to legalise pot.

Sound utopian doesn't it ? 

My knowledge of human nature suggests this picture could turn out less pretty than Hancock hopes.

Most people abuse toothpaste and washing powder and dish detergent  way too much. Hundreds of percent way too much. Capitalist corporations tell us this and laugh at our unnecessary devotion to wage slavery.

Behaviours can be addictive and damaging  without substances, like gambling.

Other seriously injurious behaviours use alcohol and tobacco.Major trauma to society results.
Lets not forget recreational drugs  are responsible for 80% of street crime.

Game boxes from an early age have caused an epidemic of near sightedness giving 5 yr old kids the vision of 50 yr olds.An epidemic of spectacle wearing due to our willingness to surrender to any diverting bauble.

Young people reporting for work are widely criticised for their inability to speak and make eye contact and spell and add numbers due to their obsession with small screens. The boss has to email or text them as talking doesn't work. 

Perhaps Hancocks Hallucinogens would alleviate some of these problems.
Certainly they fit the bill typifying our preoccupation with external toys to our detriment. Ignoring our internal selves completely.

Hancock advocates everyone smoking pot to liberate themselves.

But widespread pot usage has not prevented any of the problems above listed.

Pot  and hallucinogens generally simply cause misperceptions and crossed over' mixed senses (synesthesia- smelling numbers, hearing colours etc)  and  arresting internal imagery and emotions  which likely triggers in some, a new interest in their own interiors.More engaging than the TV or the gamebox. For a while.
 This might lead some into serious contemplation and re-evaluation but not for long I suspect. There are just so many external distractions lying in wait.

tical thinking skills slowly diminish as pot usage is prolonged.
Continued use of pot as per toothpaste and everything  else overused, results in underfunctioning paranoid angry depressed people with social skills gradually dissolving as fat soluble toxins lodge in the brain for 4 yrs.

Would Hancocks shaman mushroms rescue these people from their plight if made legal and widely available?  
Possibly the more spiritually minded could be attracted to some deeply engaging mushroom experience.
What percentage would that be?
Or would most people simply see Psilocybin and Amanita Muscaria mushrooms as just more recreational drugs?  Another day in disneyland?

The scientific worldview is that man is an animal and people still labour under this yoke.
So many will think any internal drug  experience is just more chemicals overdriving  their animal brain into strange outputs.Which can't be verified.And thus have no intrinsic value.

I don't know if western society has become  more spiritual as a result of hallucinogens and pot smoking. They havent improved the crime rate, one measure of society quality.

Johns Hopkins University has advocated caution toward psilocybin. They don't advcate it's use as daily vitamin for all.

So meanwhile Lay Gnosis is available to anyone curious enough to look, with no damaging side effects. A better internal life results for all. Mood elevation frequently occurrs. And your personal life is not disrupted.And you get to meet your other half and know yourself a whole lot better and take less interest in stupid external toys.
And you are shown how valuable you are. And it's physically contagious- offering great hope for society ! 

Better than Hancocks "Utopia" I think.

Write to me about this. What's your take ?













  And Julian, veteran LAY GNOSTIC  writes - Answering Hancock  !

Hi Steve!

 I'm still alive! Sorry my emails are soo far apart, but I'm just coming out of a year and a half long marijuana-induced fog, and during that time there wasn't much to report. Like you said in your recent Graham Hancock video, my critical thinking skills and social skills did slowly diminish leaving me underfunctioning and there were times it had a consciousness expanding effect, but it is way too easy to become distracted while under it's influence as, well as formation of a habit, by continually expecting more out of it. The "gateway drug" title people place on it is partly true, as well as my curiosity, to see what else was out there was aroused. The only other mind-altering drug I experienced with was psilocybin mushrooms and every "trip" I had was very spiritual and up-lifting although I feel I've gotten all I can and want out of the magic mushrooms. Why damage yourself with poisonous tastes when you already have the real thing? Completely healthy and for free too!

 It has now been more than a month since i last touched B.C. pot and i have no desire or intentions to ever touch it again! My biggest problem with it was the complete lack of dreams as well as the the countless wasted days where all motivation to get up and do anything was gone. I feel like I've natrually come off of it and when I finally decided I was done it was really easy. Now I naturally feel like exercising daily as well as having a healthy balanced diet and I'm sure Lay Gnosis has played a huge role in all of this! Its like Source was waiting patiently for me the whole time and now that I've essentially grown up, life is 100% better and I'm in a great mood everyday and I'm receiving new physical signals like "tapping" on either ear drum and a wierd massaging feeling in my stomach area which is quite hard to explain but its cool! I'm still not receiving messaging dreams but it will all be in perfect time I'm sure :)

 I've also started listening to a hemi-sync cd before bed which is so peaceful and relaxing and is the closest I've come to meditation. I've also ordered a cd that plays different music focusing on each chakra separately to open them.

 Very interesting video by Max Igan btw, really opens up your mind to just how far the elitists have gone and will go for control. Made me feel powerless at first until I realized thats how they want you to feel, and that the truth is we the people hold ALL the power, we just need to make our own decisions.

  Peace and Love from Port Alberni, B.C.!


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