Why so many  medical drugs don't work

What naturopaths have known for decades that gut bacteria have a major impact on body health, and  the right bacteria can make a huge difference, even reversing disease, is now being verfied by a new DNA sequencing machine, that lists fecal bacteria, revealing that some chronic diseases, seem to have bad bacteria signatures, a population spectrum, that when corrected, vanishes some chronic diseases, like IBS.  Resarch teams have numerous other  persistent  diseases in their sights including Diabetes, Dementia  Asthma and MS, all the diseases that drugs don't fix.

 2 part series provided here reveals this new ground breaking research.

The suggestion is  that a whole new field of probiotics is emerging   that could be used to finally eliminate seemingly incurable diseases.
It also incriminates the food industry as being responsible for our many 1st world diseases. Witness the massive surge of obesity  and diabetes since corn syrup sugar became the major component of our processed foods. The 2 part series reveals food determines our gut bacteria population spectrum, and thus our disease predilections. Oh and the herbicide  Monsanto  Roundup , even in minute amounts in our food, kills our gut bacteria, many of which are  vulnerable phyto- like bacteria . This is established science. Thus Roundup can cause human disease, after all.

 Quoting Dr Mercola, Monsanto has steadfastly claimed that Roundup is harmless to animals and humans because the mechanism of action it uses (which allows it to kill weeds), called the shikimate pathway, is absent in all animals. However, the shikimate pathway IS present in bacteria, and that’s the key to understanding how it causes such widespread systemic harm in both humans and animals.

The bacteria in your body outnumber your cells by 10 to one. For every cell in your body, you have 10 microbes of various kinds, and all of them have the shikimate pathway, so they will   all   respond to the presence of glyphosate!

Glyphosate causes extreme disruption of the microbe’s function and lifecycle. What’s worse, glyphosate   preferentially   affects beneficial   bacteria, allowing pathogens to overgrow and take over, including the highly toxic   Clostridium botulinum.  

Perhaps we could one day stop using the  industrial , metal cleaner, that Roundup really is, and they have also quie tly stopped claiming its biodegradable. Its NOT. It permanently poisons the soil for decades. Could put an end to the whole GMO story
But don't hold your breath. Food industry and Monsanto  are going to dig in  like Big Tobacco did. Meanwhile consider the advised benefits of eating cheap  S auerkraut daily (cabbage fermented in vinegar) as it injects billions of life supporting bacteria into your gut. It can be mixed with homemade coleslaw to improve  the taste.

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  Well worth chasing up this matter, experimenting on yourself with diet, and keeping a weather eye out for more news in this  exciting emerging knowledge
 Shikimate phyto pathway - How Monsanto Roundup kills your precious gut bacteria