Grounding yourself for possible benefits
List of medical studies
General Grounding description

Little article here about a possible contributor to society wide chronic ill health. Namely that we lost contact with the earth wearing soled shoes, which I remind you is part of the Electric Universe which is supposed to flow thru you.

Our wearing rubber soled shoes and  sleeping in wooden framed beds on  wooden floors thus  electrically disconnected from earth may be a factor in our chronic illnesses. Medical study here presented.
Velcro  coducting earthing  wrist straps are used in handling static sensitive electronics routinely as a disconnected from earth human body can accumulate  a static charge of many thousands of volts epecially if one wears wool, or nylon and can destroy electronics.
 I must say it never occurred to me that it could affect my physiology, grounding myself in the phone company  to avoid blowing electronics, as I worked there for 30 years. But then, I was asleep in those days LOL.

And  a prominent Australian doctor did say that Australian nomad aborigines got sick if they lived in white man style houses.(woodframed beds?) He said they were healthier sleeping out  on the ground, and walking to find their food.

This serious  scientific article talks about measurable changes in body physiology simply by touching the ground walking barefoot, or having a conducting  grounding wrist strap  from the skin to an earth point such as a copper water pipe, while sleeping.  It says reduced inflammation and aches and pains can be the pay off, as well as improved sleep.