Google Blogs 

Websites only reference their home page into Search engines.A few key words The rest of the website's internal pages are concealed from engine searchers.
By comparison,  with the  FREE Google blog, every page heading  is automatically referenced onto the search. Enabling an entire website to be opened out into the public domain.
This gives LAY GNOSIS a  much bigger footprint, which is needed.

Early advice here is that you keep a diary for a number of reasons.
Your  gnostic adventures can be written in a blog and illuminate the path for others.
It becomes  a priceless historic record of one person's journey.
No need to use real names. Only reveal what you wish. Guardian Angel people sometimes keep their  occasional  gnostic experiences as their most treasured secrets.
That's perfect
It's also time stamped evidence of similar events and  processes occurring in distant people, in different countries. Fascinating parallels soon arise.

This enables-- golly- some objective evidence to be gathered concerning spiritual growth. Physical evidence. In the Public domain. Sca ry stuff.

British New Scientist magazine will run like hell. They are Tavistock Marxists. Insisting they are animals and so are you, the scientific reader. And you need to be re- Pavloved. Sit.

You might care to discuss any of these matters in your BLOG referenced to LAY GNOSIS

A myriad fascinating issues are raised by the availability of  physically contagious LAY GNOSIS. Many perspectives are greatly modifed by a few weeks of LAY GNOSIS.

Tell the world what you think.
Your unique life story has meaning and value. So do your opinions.   (Google) send your blog  link back to this site.

From Sydney Myspace blogs are more cumbersome to operate. Less reliable. Edit comtrols just don't work. Funny how the ads work so well. But you might be accustomed to that, or Myspace could be better at your end.

Some BLOG Guidlines.

It's wise not to cross reference ourselves with major stars. Don't name them.
And its not necessary to detail dreams anyway. It's more the connectivty of  dreams , of the general message underlying them- that is to thrill the dreamer, which is an act of affection, of the highest order from you-know-who.
The dream itself is only a vehicle conveying a message the most vivid way possible. That is the point
People blogging should refrain from mentioning movie stars etc by name and nor do we need erotic details.. That  sort of cross reference we don't need, as it would likely invite censure, and distract readers from the import of what we are doing.

A good model blogger is Jill who began spontanaously emailing her adventures into my website. She has greatly lit the way for others and is in fact a shining example. She has greatly enhanced the site.
On the ADVANCED button, She is that poor wandering one, the buddhist student  who heard voices for decades and never quite understood it till she found the Trueblue site. Then it all came together for her.
She introduced looking up songs  lyrics on  Google to discover  deeply sophisticated  personal messages just for the recipient. And also including the youtube music. This kind of messaging shows the Chief directly using the NET to speak to godlings the most beautiful way possible.
So Is the Chief Hip or what?

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