Energy becomes matter like this............

No not by means of the imaginary  Higgs Boson particle being chased at the Large Hadron Collider atom smasher at some astronomical cost.
That's the folly of materialistic reductionist "science" 

Do you recall the gnostic advice received by astrophyicist Dr Paul La Violette in Camelot that he should start from the point of "flux" meaning energy (consciousness) to explain everything. That matter comes later.

Well here we have an answer to the puzzle of how energy becomes matter and it's simple. 

And because our modern day misunderstanding is based on matter as the fundamental origin, science has ignored what yogis and mystics have written thousands of years ago.

Nowadays in light of  some very modern discoveries  we can  understand or at least can take on board what  ancients wrote so long ago. It was all so obvious to them.

Western science is finally catching  up with them after only 4000yrs.

One point of interest is the meaning of the odd phrase "human being" coined by one gnostic  mystery school teacher Hermes Trismegistus. The  short pdf file is worth reading just for that. It's a cor blimey moment.