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Physical violence and terrror tactics of skeptics--- DR D Walker Skepticism as an illness Quoting Carl Jung. Bottom page
  • Dr D Walker reports here ---Over the years I have invited a knowledgeable speaker to appear at my lectures, to give the skeptical viewpoint, which is often very valid. The best contribution from skeptics must be in the area of exposing fake telephone psychic sites, the problem is they do not have the knowledge between fake and genuine, and dismiss it all. The Bible and all scripture is paranormally based, and to dismiss it exposes them as "Jesus deniers," and it was Carl Jung who
    recognized that this is the diseased atheism of pure Stalinism. I have no problem with atheists or communists, but let’s not sail under false colors. Jung described entrenched skepticism as a partial autistic outlook, and a recognized mental illness,
    now officially ranked alongside fear of flying and part of the obsessive compulsive disorder range with fear of the unknown and labeled; “paranormaphobia.” 

  • Agreed, no one should believe without proof, and education is the way forward, but this year my lectures have been repeatedly broken up by hecklers and skeptics, and at the Red Lion hall, the police were called to a major disturbance, where the lady who seats people in the hall was punched in the face and my briefcase of top secret UFO photographs and séance phenomena was stolen in the fracas. Bedford House wrote to me and said the committee was taking serious advice to discontinue any talks on any alternative philosophy due to harassment, and both the friends meeting house and the Green man club will no longer host paranormal lectures due to bomb threats, and threats of disruption, mockery and violence from skeptics groups, allegedly egged on by extremists from the U.S.A.

    Emails purportedly coming from both me and other experts, have been sent to various relevant websites and publications, asking to take off site any written work by us. This past fortnight I have had around 20 emails instructing me that I will be silenced, and I have been called everything from a "Jew lover" to a "paranormal liar" and the same language is used throughout, showing an organized group. I believe these insults relate to the fact I have many years of work for charities, and have appeared and worked for free at Muslim, Hindu Christian and Jewish fundraising events. 

    But I am not alone, among those threatened are those interested in the paranormal and particularly Spiritualism and alternative therapies, threats to the Psychic Voice newspaper culminated in a severe arson attack at their records office, top paranormal websites such as The Supernatural World, Arcanamatrix, Farshores, The Truthseeker, Spirit Search, Paranormal Palace, World of the Strange and Illuminati News, among others, have constantly been targeted with computer viruses and threats.

    Several high profile mediums of my acquaintance, have received nasty emails calling them "fakes," "nut cases" and "dog buggerers." While I am myself a partial skeptic, because no one should believe without proof, we are seeing a new phenomenon, as skeptics are losing the battle with discussion and argument as new ground is covered proving more and more aspects of the paranormal. So, skeptics are using underhand tactics against our human rights, including a mass campaign of threats and calling for the policing of the internet with regard to alternative therapies and the paranormal, and its ultimate removal.

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