Logan writes to me in Sydney .

It's so funny how these things fall into place when needed, and the fact that I felt very compelled to email you the Wilcock video link, guidance indeed.
This is the Wilcock video series that delighted other Lay Gnostics around the world.

The  gravity radio show begins here...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The gravity thing interested me but it was the crop circle that was the kicker, I don't often look at them but that particular day I felt a strong desire to, and the fact that I sent you the link (if for no other reason than as a reference point to look back on) to the very same one he talks about, one out of so many all the time, what are the odds!

That's Anticipation 3 Godlings

Gnostic ring around the world- Source plays pinball with us  Ding!  Ding!  Ding !
This little pinball game played by Source, lighting up LAY GNOSTICS around the globe is a thrilling taste of the great game planned. The game already begun. To light up a planet full of Godlings. And it starts so small. A little nudge to Logan in NZ to flick the David Wilcock Video lecture to me in Sydney where I posted it in TBH a couple of days later. Only to be immediately told that Angel in Florida has already had a colourful dream 2 days before, Anticipation 2 messaging her about the David Wilcock theme of splitting matter into energy with emphasis on split consciousness.The dream was baffling to Angel until she saw the Wilcock video of DNA splitting into energy (light) All  started by Logan in NZ, following a gossamer nudge.

Wilcock Video One of this series

August the 5th emailed crop circle link from Logan in NZ
Logan wrote
 Do you remember me saying a while ago about gravity pushing not pulling, well just listening to a radio show with David Wilcock and he was saying that gravity is the side effect of the flow of energy that creates the earth, flowing into the earth so it's a push force not a pull. 

Another funny thing with this interview, I sent you a link to a crop circle not to long ago, well he was talking about crop circles and told the listeners to go to the cropcircle website and look at a specific one, it was the one I sent you a link to!!! This interview was done on the 10th Aug I sent you the link on the 5th.
Anticipation 3
Steve  Trueblue here. Yes indeed Logan did  write to me, weeks ago, out of the blue saying he thought gravity pushed instead of pulling with no elaboration. Left me mystified. And later sent me a particular crop circle for no obvious reason.

And here, the fact, that very same  crop circle turns up in another David Wilcock lecture.

Does Logan really have free will? Ha Ha Ha 

Its another example of the Lay Gnosis drip feed where Source mingles with your  perceived "own thoughts" and lovingly points it out months later. Fooled you. Pure affection at work.

And I do confess thinking just about a week and a half ago we don't hear much from Logan lately.That was just before he sent me the  first Wilcock link. I've got no privacy. I surrender.

Its easy to see from Logan's account the metaphysical extreme view that Logan doesn't really exist, he only thinks he does. He is really God in disguise via the illusion of separation, on a chessboard of 6 billion pieces. Each with their own little make believe names and dressed up in  random personalities.

It seems a bit like Source playing  house with dolls and stuff. 

Astonishing  today coincidence here.
While making this page this was
supplied out of the blue.
A youtube account GodAlmighty
explains we are just imaginary
characters in the mind of God. 
See the manifesto Godlings and Laugh and Laugh. The account flagship video
uses the keyword ANTAGONISTS.

So thanks Jill for that article. Can I call you Mrs God ?

Heres the link laugh at the manifesto
And the manifesto is meant sarcastically from a professioanal atheist network greatly illustrating the 27 yr old Prometheus Rising description of atheists insisting only they are not deluded, from their Mom's basement. I find the irony quite humourous.
Prometheus Rising
September 3 Logan writes -
Talk about timing again Steve, I was just down stairs and thought.. hmm might go check out TBH site so I wonder back to my office and there is an email from you.

Glad that others found those videos useful another "nudge" in the right direction as I was reading another article and the name David Wilcock jumped out at me.

Interesting dreams Angel is having, alternate reality's after 2012, and the shackled man, wow poetry.