Response to a gnostic's need- an answered prayer
This is a true story of one  gnostic person's need being met by an  intervention, connecting to another person, a stranger, 20,000km away. Verified by time/date stamps on emails.

I am in Sydney Australia running a gnosis website My other great passion is subtitling the  song videos of Mireille Mathieu. Something wonderful appeared on Youtube. A very rare, long sought after, video of Mireille Mathieu singing a spanish Christmas carol, Rin Rin.  I immediately wanted to subtitle it but discovered web translation just didn't work.  It produced nonsense. So what could I do?

I pondered that I need a person, an anglo spanish translator.A person knowing spanish culture. But how on earth to find one ? I then forgot about it.

Until just few hours later came this complete surprise.



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My palms are tingling in the strangest way!

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Hi, I was brought to you today and just finished the 20 minutes on your website and have been going through your videos. I have been hearing the music themes in my head for ever and in most situations, now I know what they mean! and also knowing where the lie is, was something that I could see since a child but didn't know where it came from. Thank you very much!

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My brief glance at the youtube profile of Gladys in the Canaries  reveals she is a skilled Anglo-Spanish translator, specialising in video subtitling.

I immediately wrote that I had wished for her. That she was a dream come true. 

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And you were brought into the website because yesterday I wished for you.Thanks for responding.
I asked for a bilingual spaniard.

Note well this gnostic intervention, dear reader. I have a need in Sydney. A complete stranger in the Canary Islands was brought into the website.  Her hands began  physically tingling in 20 minutes which she then reported to me. This is an example of  an intervention in the life of a gnostic, myself by a mental intervention, in the head of a complete stranger, Gladys, 20,000Km away. In the process Gladys is turned into a gnostic in just 20 minutes. (function of the website) She very quickly expertly  subtitles the video Rin Rin, and uploads it to youtube for me.

Realise dear reader, that this sequence of events cannot happen by accident. One person chosen out of 100Million on the NET, to be brought into the website.
Its irrefutable evidence of divine intervention, which you can enjoy also, in just 20 minutes at the website

And here she is newly Gnostic Gladys on Youtube
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Re: Hi Steve, that's exactly why I translate different videos from different places for people who are along different thinking lines. I too thought that Max's videos would have more views than they have, but apparantly not, or maybe they are just slower to digest, I'm not really sure, although many people in south america are very grateful for them and have posted them on their blogs saying they receive many many more views.

And the way I came accross your channel was really strange, it was like flicking on a switch and there I was, definately moved there for the ocasion.

I'll send you the translation shortly, keep happy!


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Re: Bingo !
Hi Steve in Sydney!

They  (hands) tingle quite sharply at night when I summon it myself
but also when I do other activities, I get like a burning/pulsating sensation, yes like they have a life of their own. Not only that but my mood has changed to positive and I have a bit more energy than I was
having. Of course I shall keep developing this relationship with Dad which makes me feel so calm and happy.

Question to you...What do you need a spanish/english bilingüal for? any particular video or text that you would like translated I shall be happy to contribute.

Bye for now

Gladys in the Canaries!

p.s. I'm a big fan of Max Igan as you can see from my videos

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Here Gladys, a few days later, describes signalling tingles in her hands as she types this letter to me in Sydney. A common gnostic occurrence.  Right now I have tingling tickley feeling in my hands while I write.  I was confused regarding the left hand thing, and I thought
it was something bad (now I realise left hand=right brain) doh!.  I was getting the left hand thing when I was playing with
the dogs outside, on a small piece of local garden by some trees, thanks for pointing that out for me.
Ta ra for now
Gladys from Up Yonder

And Gladys, while this has all been happening in a couple of weeks,  has also reported numerous messaging vivid dreams, too many to list here, as well as  noticeable mood elevation.

You can have your Gnostic process triggered at in just 20 mins FREE.

Gladys in the Canary Islands
Heres the sub video comment where she made first contact
And here is a sample of the gnostic translators work