In Sydney, wife and I are commencing the building of a house. We have considered, brick veneer on an expensive  wooden frame, the most common format  here.  And now expensive insulation is mandatory. We were, of course considering conventional  kiln fired clay bricks. Complex questions for amateurs.  And we are scared of termites eating the wooden frame.

Sherrine was woken at 3am,  and a voice said Research full brick houses.

So obediently I go googling.

And what do I find at the top of OZ google?

An Australian invention, concrete bricks containing sawdust and chemicals, which have very superior insulation qualities and are already an approved  government standard. Not kiln fired, they seem cheaper than ordinary bricks. And they can be used to make our dream-- a full brick house without expensive wooden frames.

And now the punch line.
See how the inventor got the idea.









At that house in the video, we met his wife today, and she volunteered it was God's intervention when Peter's business died completely, lost everything, and was raging, grieving about not even being able, ever, to build a house. No money, nor prospect of. He was "told" via direct speech  to use what cost nothing and was nudged toward a massive pile of sawdust.

He produced just 6 bricks, mix of cement, sawdust and something else.

The local council insisted he get the homemade bricks tested in a Government lab. the CSIRO They were dubious about the sandstone feel, and lightweight  feel, thinking it would slowly crumble due to erosion.

The test cost $13,000 and the CSIRO called him excitedly and said to their surprise the brick was far stronger than they suspected and that not single particle of material was eroded by a sustained high speed water jet. And it took  a massive 37 tons to crush it and it was  far more heat resistant than a standard brick wall. In the same call they urged him to patent it.

The wife explained without blinking, that it was all due to God , who intervened one day.

They now produce special stone  bushfire shelters in  kit form, going to Victoria down south where so many people died in those raging bushfires.

The bricks are very light to pick up, and I knocked some nails into them quite easily.

They are also bullet proof I was told. Americans have fired bullets at them. Of course I said,


Gnostic interventions at one's darkest hour. Our normally silent  partner breaks it own rule.