Gnosis song so unusual
Lay Gnosis Song

The highly unusual song theme, begins with a faintly religious metaphor. Do not be derailed by that.  The video theme is unmistakeably Gnosis. That "divine spark in every person" that can be fanned into an internal flame.
The word Gnosis is expurgated from Holy Books. We might wonder why.
"The greatest enemy of the Catholic Church is the gnostics." The
Current Pope Benedict the 16th.
Likely the Pope is watching Oprah and Echart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Abraham- Hickes  etc and seeing the gradual resurgence of gnosis into mainstream thinking. Mainstream Gnosis currently is old fashioned style, takes decades of meditation and study and introspection.. Disrupts daily life.
Laymans' Gnosis is just 20 minutes in a website.

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