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Gladys Molina

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Stephano I'm so happy this morning,
recently I've been sending a few of my subscribers to your site and have
received much positive feedback and gratitude, but only a few days ago a
new subscriber asked me for some help with videos on youtube etc and wegot to corresponding with messages etc about what's going on, and I (we) picked up on his internal second intelligence and sent him to your site, and WHAM! this morning I got this amazingly beautiful thank you, thank you message, saying that the moment he clicked on to your page he just KNEW! he hit home, and instantly remembered vividly some scenes from a movie he had seen about a month ago, that while not understanding at the time had remained in his memory waiting for the moment to click in.

He didn't explain what they were for now, said he would soon. I say he
because I'm assuming he's a guy but right as I write I just realized
that I don't even know.

I also realized that I have a couple of pages to get done for you, and
will get them done a.s.a.p.

Love, embraces and thankfulness


P.S. His thankfulness filled my entire body with tingles!
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