1942 this began-- 2010 House of Lords its revealed-- following worldwide financial catastrophe

Seems to be history repeating - control of the money supply is ultimate power  as usual- A NAZI  industrialist's plan hatched in 1942 moved to neutral Spain makes good business sense. If you can't take Europe by military force do it slowly with plan B. What Gorbachev called "the European soviet state, the EU"  Where did this world domination plan originate? Why Germany,  of course with a dose of Rothschilds 1773.

And the  recovered NAZI elite were employed in America thru Project Paperclip in very important positions. Rheinhard Gehlen former head of German Intelligence set up the CIA ! Former head of the Gestapo Muller became a US  presidential advisor.
This greatly supports the above revelations in the House of Lords video.
So in a situation of artificially created global financial crisis unlimited money makes itself available anonymously to states. Interest free loans? NO there would be secret caveats --concessions. Rothschilds rule. Vast amounts of Gold mentioned.

The derivative market caused the GFC and five times more gold is traded as futures  in circles(which just expire mothing changes hands) by the US Government, than exists above ground, to raise the  gold price artificially. To pump up the Dow Jones Index. Goldman Sachs is one of the biggest of these  false paper traders yet no mention of gold appears in their annual reports.They received massive government bailouts in the GFC off course.(Money is seldom actually lost it just changes hands)  So  it seems some of the money 'lost' to other people in the GFC actually reappears as loans available to governments around the world........Hmmm   

 Tidbit. 2004 the Rothschilds announced they were ceasing gold bullion trading which mystified analaysts. 2009 China found a fraction of its gold reserve was TUNGSTEN (weighs the same )  The paper trail led back to a Rothschilds Gold foundry. Hee HEE HEE.
Rothschilds announced they were untouched by the GFC. Didn't lose a penny, they put it down to their  finamcial 'wisdom'. LOL

So in  the UK parliament  video it's openly said that the European Union is the Nazi Industrialist plan B. Much credence to support that opinion

Serious literature quoted in the video. 
Another Book covering the subject written by a serious historian below. Seems quite confirmatory See the review.

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Derivatives Ruled by secret Elites
Bank of America WIKILEAKS Admits massive derivative fraud
CIA happily used NAZIS during Cold war
Vatican stores Nazi loot while Money Laundering