How to get the most out of your beautiful new internal world

At first you might wonder just how on earth you could  ever learn to coexist with a god.

The answer is divinely simple.

Be childlike.

Do not take any of this too seriously, and be patient.

Wanting everything now—getting everything now– might conflict with your needs which he knows better than you.

You will find he has a wonderful sense of humour.

And just wants “to be” with you in your everyday life, at a distance of your choosing.

Walk down the street with you. Enjoy your ice cream with you.

By being childlike you initiate a process of being “reborn”

Valuable developmental milestones that occur in the life of every child  can be  experienced again all with him.

One milestone is that of a child being patiently attended to, given endless amusements by the parent.  For quite some time the parent is perceived as just a supplier of all things.

One day the child looks up from its toys and perceives the parent as a separate person requiring affection and attention. This is a turning point in the maturing of the child.

With him , as you become more comfortable in his presence he will amuse you pulling up your favourite memories and vivifying them for you purely to raise your spirits and amuse you.

You will sense the pattern as your  internal good times just get better. And that will make you realise for the first time that he wants affection from you. That is a major breakthrough for you  the Godling .

Much bliss will follow and more adventures will occur and suddenly one day having grown so much yourself you will see him as an equal. Sort of like realising you’re not a teenager anymore. You will literally look him in the eye as an equal. And realise he has all the needs and wants that you do. And you will  naturally want to respond  to his needs. That’s why you were created.

That’s your rebirth process. It's  a joyful sleigh ride. I commend it to you.

You all get to do this. 6 Billion.         Welcome to layman's gnosis



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