Focussed Plasma Fusion

Focussed Plasma Fusion here is simply illustrated. For Electric Universe fans this is basic stuff.  Massive surge current flows thru hydrogen-boron gas from capacitor bank. The current naturally twists like phone cord, and twists a lot more to form a plasmoid. Which has already reached 2 BILLION degrees before it snuffs out and requires restarting. Estimates are it only needs about 10 million dollars to reach full fusion temp of 6.6 Billion degrees. That's the problem. Massive fusion reactor projects with 40 billion dollar budgets get all the money. And this simple backyard fusion reactor has been deprived of funds. The money goes to large scale complex projects. There is a distinct aversion to near free power being made widely available in every suburb. We wouldn't need massive power  grid networks.

And Godlings, in this animation, you see  the tightly twisted plasmoid  that produces gravity, that
attracts matter, that births electric stars in strings. You might swing on a star yet !  


How do you get electric current out of this device? In this animation  current comes out in opposite beams just like we see  from black holes and Pulsars. Strange Coincidence.

Now Cold Fusion is slowly creeping back into fashion after being exiled for heresy in the 90's.  Low temperature nuclear fusion occurring with tell tale deuterium production is proven many times over.  Its actually transmutation of matter from base metals to rare metals and much more, while producing lots of heat. So the Alchemists of old were not so silly after all.
Cold fusion also promises unlimited clean portable power with no waste.  There are already commercial sales of Cold fusion cells.  
However Cold Fusion was nearly stopped due to the furious pseudoskepticism from conventional science. MIT scientists were caugh falsiying data to discredit heretical Cold fusion.  Not unlike The desperate wars between Edison with his DC generators elctrocuting dogs to discredit Tesla 3 Phase AC in the 1890s.

The sorry near death of  heretical Cold Fusion,  and its slow slow  rebound is here described in a documentary about greed and power. And you start thinking, What else has been buried? Even Athur C Clarke is in this docco, cheering on Cold Fusion !