Fenwick  The Art of Dying

4 Awake/ Sleeping death Telepathy, Connectedness, Extended mind, UK- Australia link, Messaging dreams about death. Submarine death bed coincidence
Hard evidence in clock stories. Garage clock stopped at Mothers death point.

1 Death portal, Grievers experiences, Palliative Carers experiences, Hospices, Anecdotes Raw Material of Science, Invisible visitations to the dying, Deceased loved ones appear in last 2 weeks

2 Apparitions in the room, Conversations with apparitions, death appointments made.Tuesday . Some resistance to go with the 'visitor'. Great Light, compassion reassurance. No mention of dying.Dying Unbelievers sometimes reverse, following  deceased 'visits' Cultural influence on the experience.
 Deceased Parents collect the dying. Cutural variations. Death bed visitors gradually come closer over days. Carers sometimes see the apparitions. Not confusion. Not drugs.Death bed coincidences. Strange animal behaviour.
Observation - Scientist Fenwick reports that the death process begins 2 weeks in advance of the body's final failure.  It includes death bed visits by deceased loved ones sometimes witnessed by carers. Howling of Dogs geographically distant. The dying can transmit telepathic messages to loved ones as they finally pass over. In one case a death in the UK was  telepathically messaged to a relative in Australia. To another in a submarine. In many  recorded cases clocks stop at the minute people die. All of these things repeat in hundreds of cases. This is a radio show about Fenwick's Book   The Art of Dying
Clocks, inerconnectedness, Light surrounding the body, Shapes leaving the body Haze Shimmering, Sparkles, Light, Dalai Lama
Good Death, healing, Surround oneslf with loved ones. Some  prefer to die alone. Forgiveness