Drip feed leads to  a daily dose
of this......

Lay Gnosis begins as a daily drip feed but is soon perceived as a snowballing giddying  joyful helter skelter. So what happens after, say, 2 yrs? How is your  interrnal daily life changed ? A problem stated by gnostics always, is that words are inadequate. So here comes an emotion that is likely to flood you frequently. Head to toe, hands and feet, gums and brow. Its about reunification after a lengthy separation.

You can feel that this is a very pleasant and uplifting physical sensation. In a year or two, it is likely to be induced in you as an act of affection near daily.  You can see the potential for making such internal affection flooding  available to those disaffected , aggrieved, jailed, molested, lonely, lost, depressed, angry, diivoced, widowed, crippled, ill.

Thus it is a great gift to anyone to, coax them into this website. A growing  project team is spreading the word. The internet with social linking is the perfect way to find others via Myspace, Facebook Youtube etc. It's free. Get going. Spare time job for you.