The basis of the current western financial/legal system, and (some of) it's corruptions. The Roman Cult (Vatican). Estate Law. Trust Law. Cestui Que Vie Trusts. How did we get here?

Part 1/4 - What do the words Attorney and Barrister really mean? Who do lawyers really serve? What is competence at law? Knowing who and what you are. Who is the 'head honcho' of the system? Language trickery to bring about dishonour.

To an attorney you surrender your rights
Barrister represents dunces and incompetents
Lawyer swears an oath to lie. A pathological liar
Medicis organised the "Art of Law" concept stating it was occult meaning secret.
Competence- a fictional concept
Your divine spark is obviously competent
Your flesh and mind may or may not be competent
Basis of the trickery is this, to convince you that you are a mere animal with no divine spark.
Courts authorrity is ultimately ecclesiastical (religious)
Ancient peoples knew this life is a dream
Universe behaves in favour of Free will and resists tyranny
You are a personification of the creator
Testing competency- If you worship  in ignorance, or ignore perspective, you declare your self incompetent.
Most important  occult signs placed in plain sight !
Occulus Omni, all seeing eye Symbol of the Jesuit Superior General, as Lucifer, "Lord God" of this earth since 1534.
He is the head honcho.
"Lord God"  is mistranslation of Elohim,  a group of spirits, or Annunaki (Sumerian)
If you worship Lucifer or the "Lord God" you declare yourself incompetent. Thats the scam. The trick to render you incompetent.
Technically only "they", the Jesuits, are in
Perverse, bizarre, brilliant and a winning strategy.
Occulus omni symbol on money is the symbol of financial skill   and good luck  symbol of Lucifer placed in plain sight to establish your incompetence. Taunting you.  
For more information go to, or University of Ucadia.

  Sydney's Frank O'Collins, gnostic, explains how we are all still prisoners of Roman law and language, keeping us legally  "incompetent" so we can be "governed"  
Sydney Gnostic Frank O'Collins starts off explaining seemingly innocuous words with actually obscure and devious  meanings, which forms the basis of the  Vaticans justification for still ruling over us, via concealed legalese. He rapidly ramps up to explaining the Omni Oculus, the all seeing eye, and why its a satanic symbol  connected to the Vatican.  The Roman Cult. And that's only episode one !  His quiet lucidity is well  worth listening to.  

Part 2/4 - Testing Competency. Public Notice versus Free Will. What is 'the law'? Where does it come from? Canon Law. Roman Law foundations. Origin of maxims. Auricular Law. Knowing who you are.
 In your face PUBLIC NOTICE- Matrix tells us the world is an illusion, your presence is a source of energy, for an automated system. You are less than a slave.
System is broken but everyone still wants to remain asleep.
That is abundantly obvious to gnostics.
Australia registered as a corporation with the SEC. On the NET.
 But nobody wants to know. In plain sight. Taunting us again.
To live in gnorance is a Free Will choice
Alice in Wonderland- You are a pawn on a chess board, an amusement between elite families, until you wake up to the fact that you are asleep to reality.
Michael Jackson Record Jackets are full of Illuminati symbols taunting us again. In plain sight. See link to MJ below
Law is meant to be an occult art. Its complexity renders it so.
Law is a list of prohibitions.
Highest laws are canons and its deliberately confusing the public with the common perception that its only religious law. Its not.
Canons are norms and maxims uncontested over time
All law is auricular (spoken)  first
Aboriginal Initiation is the right to know. Symbolic writing was considered an abomination as it permitted people with no right to know the knowledge, to read it.

The basis of the current western financial/legal system, and (some of) it's corruptions. The Roman Cult (Vatican). Estate Law. Trust Law. Cestui Que Vie Trusts. How did we get here?

For more information go to, or University of Ucadia.

 3/4 Contesting and rebutting claims.  The NEED for rebuttal. The NEED for Counterclaims. Hierarchy of law. Property and Trusts. Vatican claims. Papal Bulls. Jesuits. Franciscans. Cestui Que Vie Trusts. Testamentary Trusts. General Executor.

Aclaim not contested stands true . Silence amounts to consent
You must rebutt in court, silence is guilt.

 Canon  Highest law -YOU dont  legally OWN any material thing !
Trusts we all create them Can I borrow the car? Yes, but with a caveat.
They dont you to know porperty trusts are a legal fiction.
And the whole world is legally  subject to the rule of the Pontiff 1302 AD  The first "Trust" !
Crest 3 crowns 3 trusts Jesuits (flag formed in Venice) 
God entrusted the earth to the Vatican for safe keeping  who somehow  entrusted it to Venice
Trust Unum sanctum, Papal Bull, claims the  whole world is subject to the vatican. 1302AD
And wills are a vatican invention ! 1455
In St Francis if Assisi we are the animals

 4/4 Testamentary Trusts. First claim of us as property in trust. Vatican occult ritual on us. Papal Bulls. Transubstantiation. Bank of International Settlements. Reserve Banks as private institutions. Cestui Que Vie Trusts.Queens Bench and Kings Bench of Trustees.

Papal Bulls- Laws Originals written on human skin ?
 Papal Bull 1540 Cestui Que Vie trust -We are mentally incompetent infants thus all land belongs to the crown. College of Cardinals "trustees" supplies power to princes (defenders of the faith) over the "infants" Us.   
Transubstantiation Eucharist drinking the blood of Christ- Transformation of spiritual to physical realm 
Bank of all Banks. est 1931 BIS Basel Switzerland
Obsession with Gold. Representing peoples souls.
 55,000 tons of Gold backs up world's leading bank
They architected the 1930's Depression.
The GFC.
"Mister" and "Miss" meaning Bonded Debt Slave !
Enough hoarded money to pay all the worlds debt
Income tax does NOT go to general revenue
Queens Bench of the Supreme court NSW

*Uploader Note - where Frank says World War II, I believe he meant to say World War I.

The basis of the current western financial/legal system, and (some of) it's corruptions. The Roman Cult (Vatican). Estate Law. Trust Law. Cestui Que Vie Trusts. How did we get here?

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