Q  I am a rationalist. Believe in only what I can sense repeatedly and clearly. I don’t believe in psychic phenomena, gods, a creator or religions or anything. So it won't work on me !

A Your voice activated biochemical switch closure is an entirely natural process requiring no belief whatsoever. And HAND TINGLES will repeat for the most ardent skeptic as he pings your  physical awareness.

This intervention speeds your natural life cycle dramatically .

Q  Why has the creator concealed himself in solitary confinement within each and every one of us for about so many millennia?

A  He sentenced himself to solitary confinement within you as a silent prisoner thru your many lifetimes to ensure that you mature to God status by accreting experiences slowly.

 In antiquity humans were all born as gnostics -two intelligences in every awareness- this scheme  did not prove workable long term so the awareness config was changed.

The serious measure of the creator hiding from his own progeny so they would be forced to grow up alone was taken.

 This was the Fall from Grace. The misuse of the tree of knowledge.

In the interim period many thousands of years, the only way to
re-aquire gnosis was via  many years of  meditation and yoga.

Now lay gnosis is available to anyone via the voice operated biochem switch commencing the automatic drip feed of the creator back into one's internal awareness

Q  Why is he suddenly making an appearance now?

A  Its part of the plan—and with him missing from everyone’s internal awareness look what we have  done to one another and the planet.

Intervention might be welcomed don’t you think? Look at the 6 o clock news.

Q  What then is his immediate goal?

A  Goal is simply ‘ to be’ with you as a  loving companion. Each and every one of you. All 6 billion. Its quite do- able if the universe is holographic and it is.

Q  What is my status with respect to the creator?

A  He is not your  boss, or manager or guardian.

 Nor is he your private genie in a bottle doing petty miracles so you can lay back and stop doing your utmost. Struggle is still necessary.

You two are on equal footing as companions.

He adores you for your uniqueness. Hangs on every word you speak.

Best way to start is to be childlike.

Q  How does he communicate with little old me?

A  In a mix of very modern and old ways detailed on this website.

Q  What subjects do we converse about, the creator and little old me?

A  You won’t be discussing major spiritual issues much. You can ask of course but many now go without saying. Talk about any subject current such as who might win the football, The  6 o’clock news or whatever subjects interest you.

Q Why would he bother communicating with a nobody like me?

A He adores you for your uniqueness more than you can imagine.

Rather like you might adore a pet and happily accept all of the problems the creature creates for you yet your loyalty is unfaltering.

You are a unique manifestation of the Creator, a godling.  A treasured child.

Q What is the purpose of our existence?
A You are  existing to be adored.

Q Why is there so much suffering?  Implication- how could a god exist when there is so much suffering?

A Suffering is necessary we see it in nature when a lion eats a lamb. The lamb suffers. If the lion doesn’t eat the lion suffers. But this question is usually asked about the 6 o’clock news displays of fear-driven aggression and crime and corruption. For millennia we have all been running with a missing component- the presence of the loving creator in our internal awareness. It’s like a car running on 3 cylinders. The  internal void raises likelihood of  all kinds of problems such as substance abuse, fear, desire to control others. psychopathic behaviour,  extremism, excessive consumerism, loneliness.

The most psychopathic (aggrieved?) individuals need the most attention which cannot be supplied by the average nuclear family or society. Such quantity  and quality of attention can only be supplied internally after the biochem switch is closed.

Q Did the Christ really exist as holy books claim?

A Yes

Q Was he really crucified as holy books claim?

A Yes
Q Are the meanings of his crucifixion as stated by so many major institutions correct?

A The meaning is simpler  and kinder than some great organisations would have you believe. 

Q What religion is the Creator?

A  None.
Q So how does God fit in with the religions?.

A  He doesn’t fit  in much at all. Religions are man made constructs effectively franchises reselling Godness with considerable  deliberate corruptions, and political baggage. The main functions of religions have been the mind control of the many by a few.

Q  What religion is/was the son of God?

A   Practiced Judaic lifestyle.

Now   No religion.

Q  Does the creator have a favoured ethnic group or people?

A  No.

Q  If I communicate with the Creator on a 24 /7 basis must I become devoutly religious and study holy books and regularly visit religious institutions?
A  No
Q Can I improve my standing with the creator by eating certain religiously approved foods, and wearing religiously approved clothing and using religious greetings  and metaphors in my conversation etc?
A No

Q Can I do anything to improve my standing with the creator?

A Service to others is highly valued by the creator. Of course you can only do what you can. He knows you intimately – and sees your innermost self, that is, your motivations for what you do  as the measuring point. You can’t lie about these. Giving a fortune to a charity for example  to secure a knighthood will diminish you in his eyes.
A simple thing like using the art of conversation to raise the spirits of others rather than depress or frighten or threaten them with vehemence  is something everyone can do. Costs nothing. Creator approves.

Making people laugh is highly approved of by this God. Not enough laughter he says.

Q  Is the name of the creator so sacred it cannot be spoken/written?
A  No. Excessive reverence- grovelling at the feet of the Creator- by inference diminishing your own status causes him grief at your blindness. In fact he wants to be called Dad !

Q  Do the holy book commandments still stand?

A  Civilized values occur innately in most people. Adultery is not an offence to warrant serious punishment, cursing is simply an expression of frustration. Alcohol is OK in moderation .

You can generate your own ethics, you demi god.

Q  What’s his attitude to religious fundamentalism ?

A  Appeals  only to fools. That it is evil. Fascism rebranded.

     Psychopathic  mind control.

Q What is the meaning of Gnosis?

A Gnosis means knowing by  internal experience as opposed to believing what someone external has told you. Like a major organisation’s dictates.

Q What is the meaning of Gnosticism?

A Self attunement is a naturally occurring tendency in most people.

Some people just try to make today 1 percent better than yesterday.
Athletes practice self attunement though these attunements are only the outer self.
For millennia the only way to achieve inner attunement was to practice meditation and yoga. For many years. This was frequently mixed in with religious practices. This connected the individual  internally to the creator enabling divinity  ( higher plane  experience- ) to seep into that person’s awareness providing  new insights ( gnosis) and elevating that person in terms of steps of ascending toward melding completely with the creator. This is a reunion

Now it’s suddenly changed. My voice closes a biochemical switch which enables the Creator to establish virtually instant internal  fleeting contact  with a person turning them into instant slowly growing  lay gnostics. This may also begin a tingling snesation in the hands.

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