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Greetings and light from Finlalnd
I enjoyed your webpages a lot and found my aura quite easy thank you for opening a new paragraf of self avareness for me and my family.

I would be interested in getting help & helpfull comments to what i suspect to be electrohypersensitivity. For 1.5y now my ear and temple area have small pain while using or beeing close to mobile phones. Im also quite aware of harmfull food additives like Aspartame and natriumglutamate etc. ( which among others we try avoid in our diets.)

I have thought of this positively like i usually try in thinking that my DNA is simply warning me to use less mobile & Lan & bluetooth etc. Even the sound wave from the Nokia E70 blasts
my senses. ( Luckily not so often ).
My good childhood friend guided me to your webpages this week.

Im leutnent of Finnish army, junior footblall coach, funeral office owner, lokal church counsil member, etc.
I have studied religious scienses, theology, history and sosiology in Åbo Akademi Turku

My wife is an well known ozone therapist in Finland. She was also lucky to find one of 2 medical doctorates in finland who are also diplom homeopats as her team member.

My family is quite international as I have sisters and brothers in Finland, Netherlands and Brasil.

Eric de Wit
From Finland Light and Love  and a warning about excessive mobile phone use
LAY GNOSTIC Eriks channel in Finland

Click on the thumbnail mid page for a larger view of the tower.

Crew of 25 engineers, including myself, worked 24 hrs daily beneath  that  tower for 20 yrs. Climbed it sometimes.

Its purpose is to beam, with those microwave dishes,  thousands of radio telephone calls to the next radio repeater tower 50 kms away located on a hilltop.Mobile phone antennas are lowest on the tower.

That tower is located 2Km  from Bondi beach.

 Steve Trueblue  in Sydney.
Waverley Radio tower
Re: Greetings, Eric in Finland
Re: Greetings, Eric in Finland
Thank you for your positive reply.

About phone radiation there is a lot of info. Sadly 99% of doctors even most neurosurgeons are not educated about different points of wiew. Luckily my wifes boss is wery well educated in many fields outside "the traditional" and even monopolised fields of medicine. *smile*

My lokal doctor told me too keep diary of headaches. I have never had migrane or in my close 40y I remember haveing only few times any headache previous to using my Nokia E70 for wireless. Do you remember loudspeakers reacting with sound if you place you mobile phone in front of them.. I was startled +1y ago when i realised that my mobile phone was making a loudspeaker 5 meters away react to my mobile phone..
My diary after 2 month was 43 headaches lasting 1-2min 39 of them during or directly after a mobile phone use. 2 occasion i was down in a basement and my friends were sending and recieving several text messages. 2 occasion i did not use or see someone use a mobile phone. I have used actively a mobile phone 24h for over 20y now. So i can consider myself a "test" subject of what our children might have to face later. Also my wife is treating few "electrosensitive" patients with vitamins.
There are growing number of "electrosensitive" communities in every nordic major city. Scandinavia was the first areas in the world to get complete mobile networks for its citisens. ( Eriksson from sweden and Nokia from Finland )
I have had one in use since 1989.
Some links about this:

Love and light to you and your Australian family.

Willem-Eric de Wit

Iink from Erik

Link 2 from Erik
Do read the comments below these articles. They are more believable than phone company denials.The problem is a 10 yr latency before cancers occurr after 4 hrs a day continous phone use. So Look out Godlings !
Australian Newspaper

Metastudy raising alarm from Australian Neuro surgeon Dr Vini Khurana

Mobile Phone hazard blog and videos