Emotions are properties of your physical body. Inherited from remote animal ancestors, necessary for survival. Sometimes these emotions are called egos.You only live in this physical body temporarily, meaning your personality is not the real you.  Because  the illusion of "separation from God" is gradually eroded as one journeys into Layman's Gnosis, realisation that the real "you" dwells inside your personality, and there's Him in there also, it can dawn,  that emotions need not totally control  us, but we can sophisticate our emotions by simply freeze framing an event, and intervening with some conscious thought. 
An example of impulsive emotions--
Televison. We see a merciless perpetrator, committing a crime against a helpless, innocent vicitim.  Powerful  impulsive emotions might lead us to feel tremendous sympathy for the victim, and revulsion toward the perpetrator.
Some passionate viewers would advocate revenge, capital punishment etc and feel themselves wounded, by empathising with the victim.

On reflection though, the perpetrator, committing such a heinous act,  is revealing a cruelly disfigured personality, deserving of much compassion,  just like the victim. This is  gradually revealed to the growing Lay Gnostic.

Compassion for both is the Creator's message. You can reason this way because you are not an animal, ruled only by impulse.

What should be done with the perpetrator? Lay Gnosis can release  an adoring creator into the perpetrator's internal awareness, beginning his journey home.Creator can supply a lot of missing affection internally, actually altering physical brain structure, with new neuron pathways, grown by the stimulation of natural opiates. Healing.We are NOT prisoners of our genes.Or childhood.

Physical altering of the brain via internal experience

The loving Creator inside everyone has a head start over scientists.

And his message  for all is here, made clear.



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