Triumph coming to you

From Elisabeth Steffner, Germany.

Dear Steve,

I stepped into you video. and got a great joy, that God gave you this experience and the possibility to show it by the internet to others, to share it.

I'm German, loving HIM very much, much, much! Since august 2006 I'm using DSL-Internet and making videos in youtube. (for HIM = for LOVE)

Have a look at

There you will find some Videotextes translated besides, (for example switch Most viewed, there the first ones).

Working together
and always PEACE


(You will find me as a reader of New Revelations of GOD, given to austrian musician Jakob Lorber (1800-1864), later further to Johanne Ladner, Gottfried Mayerhofer, Leopold Engel ...)

But for our time, where the youth in general is far from reading books, your switch to GOD will be wonderful!

Of course it's working like this. HE is always there in us. I enjoyed, that he enabled you, to let him out of prison, but that's HIM. Wonderful!