Our  much and overly revered religion of  modern  "rational" science is here unmasked by mystic Terence McKenna and an almost unknown contender,  a science group, The Electric Universe, takes on the Global warming hoax revealing centuries of ignorance passed off as rational science.

Electric Universe meets Global warming

Terence Mc Kenna informs us of the mystical origins of modern "rational" science that presents itself as the authority on all things and has a major influence on the mindset of each young  growing individual. Actually more pervading than any religion ever was.  

Illusion busting is one of the ongoing aspects of gnosis. Pure truth free of spin is a rare commodity in the world external to yourself. Most information generated has an agenda. Often concealed from the reader. Thus it is important to look at all sides of  major contentious issues and consult with one's internal mentor.

Guessing the agenda of the respective info presenters is half the fun. Though some presenters may have unattractive backgrounds it doesn't mean their argument is completely wrong and should be rejected.One may be eclectic. It's actually a must. Sometimes extreme fringe elements are the only ones to voice unpleasant truths. The truth has innate value regardless of its presenter.  

So here to asssist you to establish a more accurate status of science is an unlikely presenter.
 A  fringe group of scientists. The Electric Universe group. An unusal lot because they don't just attack  shortfalls of science, they propose superior explanations, much to my liking ,as I am an electronics technician,well familiar with electric charges moving thru the vacuum of space. It used to happen through radio valves (vacuum tubes) and still occurs in Glass tube TVs, and fluorescent lights. 
This group weighs into the Climate Warming Hoax debate  by listing the many theoretical shortfalls of science. And proposing more satisfying explanations for some weather phenomena
 that take into account evidence neglected by conventional science.