Eckhart Tolle
Eckhart Tolle Summary

If you have grazed through  Eckhart Tolle, on the way, to  this LAYMAN'S GNOSIS website you have done yourself a favour. 
Eckhart encourages people to question and map their own internal architecture, and to  beneficially challenge the origins and responses to their own thoughts.

To know oneself a lot better. And thus others.

hart's process here is a perennial wisdom, and is too often ignored, in modern societies to our detriment.

Eckhart's approach is to use intellectual process, for self attunement.
This is often accompanied by meditation, relaxation and contemplation.
This process can gradually, but slowly, lead to a state of Gnosis.
But it is very slow. It can take decades.
A feature, of this ancient approach to Gnosis  is that all of the effort comes from the practicioner.
It is entirely the practicioner's personal, effort that moves a person along the path.  
Therein lies a weakness of this method, as it has been likened to the average person walking a tightrope, for decades. 
Also, there is no physical proof,  that you are not just imagining all of this.

Contrast this with LAYMAN'S GNOSIS, which works in a completely opposite way.
Everything is done for you. It flows into you. A second  intelligence drip feeds into a person and showns them their internal map with PHYSICAL INDICATORS.  The entire  complex theory of internal architecture so difficult to verbalise,  is shown in a single simple picture. The blue egg diagram.
20 minutes supplies physical evidence that something dramatic and real has changed.
Daily repeatable evidence snowballs and gives way in 3-4 months to yet another physical evidence !

It is obvious that  mainstream media teachers like Eckhart Tolle, well prepare people, for the final event, which is physically contactable LAYMAN'S GNOSIS, induced in this automated website, that can produce millions of gnostics weekly.

Eckhart Tolle take a bow.