Electric Universe has its critics but.....

Victor Zammit reports
the real reason why we have head-in-the-sand closed minded skeptics is because these closed minded skeptics:
Do NOT investigate :

2. Furthering their own careers: these 'closed' skeptics use their professional skills to attack the paranormal to promote their own professional career knowing they are being DISHONEST and/or

3. Wanting to be famous: these skeptics want to make a name for themselves - wanting to be famous - as the English Dr Susan Blackmore - the closed-minded skeptic stated (Carter 2007;73) But because it was easier to make a name for herself being ANTI-PARANORMAL - she joined the bandits - the hard line skeptics to achieve her aim! These skeptics even bribed her with the title of 'Fellow'! Talk about the definitively huge negative energy she unleashed against herself - for which sooner or later she will pay a price! Wake up Susan, you will NOT get away with it!

4. Born - programmed to be a'closed' skeptic: Some of these closed skeptics are born into a family of nihilists and gross negative cynicism - where their programming from childhood shapes their prejudices in this world - until they learn otherwise!

Electric Universe which  shockingly contradicts high school science is under sustained attack from the least educated  least intelligent people in  society. Susan Blackmore  (left panel) revealed her true motivation all along. In the same boat craving attention is James Randi Michael Shermer  etc all listed in this page produced by Thunderbolts.info  showing that bright educated people are attracted to the Electric Universe  Theory while the least educated rancorous mindlessly badmouth it. Physicist Wallace Thornhill made a video answering many of the common misbeliefs propagated by pseudoskeptics
Electric Universe responds to pseudoskeptics