A day in the life of a Godling- Elisabeth Steffen, Germany.


For my dear trapper in Sidney, Steve

In awakening I heard some lovely melody (tune, air) be whistled, so clear and fine, I wondered. Alas I omitted to note the title and so lost a perhaps important part of the message. But I noticed the time: it was 5:30, just the time, someone was ready to take me in his car to a point of way into the nature of the region Spessart, from where I could have to walk or to hitchhike further to Gemünden am Main, not knowing, if I got to meet and see there Raik, perhaps he has to work this Saturday. I didn't know his or his mothers adress nor his working place. And perhaps he would be astonished. I didn't got to bed till nearly 3 o'clock, just waiting, if Raik would show his presence in the net, but he didn't, strange enough, and I waited invain. In such a case of going to bed very late, I'm not used to be already awaken so early.

My problem was an inner conflict: This saturday, there would be a meeting of classmates, but he, whom I begged in the last moment, to take me with him thereto, just has gotten a lumbago and so was unable to start. But he wanted to inform me at 8 o'clock.

So I let the whistled tune run away ... and finally stayed in Frankfurt.

Since some days I'm remarking sentences or parts of tunes or songs reaching me in this first moments of awakening: today this one (translated): 'She isn't clinging to the world's stuff' (in an ancient way of expressing) - That seems to me being an aim, that I have to reach! First time I made a notice in a booklet of this little gift.

Thanks to you Steve

and greetings to all godlings (ten of them, of pure perfect godlings (having acheaved the rebirth of spirit) on the whole earth would be sufficient to put off the judgement another thousand years! Why that? Because they would listen to Gods helpful advices, how to diminuish the pollution? (Hear a nice link to the Waterman in Tirol, there are videos in English too: Johann (or Hans) Grander


nature is the best teacher
nature is the real truth
a wonder wizard
a water wizard
the ideas should touch your mind like a blizzard











That too, but first, how to score more human spirits for joining God's love ...)

a lovely sunday for everyone





Gist of an email to a  godling group--
By the way I just scored another Godling from New York- she is a Uni teacher !
She fell into the video like Elisabeth Steffen in Germany.
My Divine trap.
Ta ta for now
Love from Steve 
Elisabeth here describes being awakened early with uplifiting  mountain music and 'nudged toward a valued opportunity. She includes her detailed experience of musical communications, with the second intelligence.