Elizabeth not really queen-legal reasons supplied -Contract law could unseat the Queen !
Landmark case puts E2 on shaky ground
7/7 Ripple effect with transcript below worth a watch
For those of you who have been following the John Anthony Hill (JAH)
Case, it is great to be able to share that he was acquitted, on the
12th of May 2011, of the ridiculous and politically-motivated charge
of attempting to "pervert the course of justice".  For those of you
less familiar with this landmark case, Muad'Dib, or John Anthony Hill (JAH), is the producer of a documentary film entitled "7/7 Ripple Effect" about the 7/7/2005 London bombings. And the documentary uses only newspaper and TV reports. Which are all  media created "facts", when  collaged together the overall picture shows clearly stage managed fake news events. But an exciting result of the case is that Elizabeth II was not legally crowned, Makow explains.
Cause for rejoicing this is ! The word needs to be got out that the whole Regina system is illegal. Which raises the question gang, What is the supreme authority? Well so far its been violence by the state,  a long line of monarchs  up to QE 2 like Gaddafi and Mugabe etc  always use violence against  individual as the "supreme authority". We have the so called Arab Spring, widespread civil disobediance all over north Africa,  shown to us by western media,  but only from Arab countries . However its also happening in Spain with 42% unemployment and is totally blacked out.  Why ? Stage managed news, of course as usual Confirmed by Gladys in a note below. So might the  disobedence spread to London? UK Government already blocks internet coverage of UK disobedience. Out of fear. Example of Spain being blocked from media reveals illuminati  looking not so invincible
Steve, from Forbidden TV.

Dubbed the "Spanish revolution", the protest began
with a march through Madrid on Sunday, led by young
Spaniards angry at mass unemployment, austerity
measures and political corruption.

Live Feed Video:

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http://www. forbiddenknowledgetv.com/page/ 1739.html

It turned into a spontaneous sit-in on the square in
Sol, which organizers say has now been mirrored in
57 other cities.

Spain's prime minister Friday refused to be rushed
into a crackdown on growing protests over
unemployment as his Socialist Party braced for a
crushing defeat in weekend local elections.

Find more information about the Spanish people's
struggle & see LIVE FEED VIDEO of the protests,
at the link below.

in the center of the screen. (Sorry for the ad; it's short):

http://www. forbiddenknowledgetv.com/page/ 1739.html

- Alexandra

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Hi Steve, from Gladys
It "began" with a concentration on May 15th complaining about: 1). the banks. In Spain if you take out a mortgage
on your house and at some point are unable to repay your loan (in this case because of mass unemployment) the
bank takes back your house but you are not forgiven the loan, you still have to repay the loan on the whole price of
the house, where as the bank takes it back for 1/2 of the value and auctions in off. So you're homeless, debt-ridden,
unemployed and driven to poverty. (uneployment will not be fixed in under 4-5 years)
2). The goverment fed the banks money from the pension funds etc. so that they would lend money out (yeah right)and with this circulating current to help the economy (laugh) this the banks did not do, but kept it all to themselves and are still refusing loans.
3). Because of Nº3 many small companies have closed in under 2 months after having been in business for over 30 years. (these small companies are the ones that really keep the economy going)
The biggest manipulation on the news is that these protests are from young people. This is NOT TRUE everyone who has lost their home and job and cuts on the (retired people's pensions) are out there. From all ages and all walks of life.
They have been gathered in Zero-zone Puerta del Sol (Gate of the Sun) in the very centre of Madrid.  They have been there since May the 15th.  The first night (5.a.m.) the police tried to get rid of the 200 that stayed behind, provoking conflict, so they went away and quietly came back hours later with more peole.
The second day it started pouring down with rain and some of them that were there thought that others would leave, but to everyone's amazement not only did no one leave, but people started flowing in through all the streets just to be with them.  Everyone brought something, Food, water, blankets, clothing, and everoyone offered to help in which ever way they could.  Taxi drivers offered free lifts for the ones that needed to carry out any duty or activity.  Neighbours offered their homes for people to shower in.  Restaurants started sending vans with food for the people.. and on and on.
Wood and Metal carpenters arrived with materials to set up stands and shelter.  There's even sofa's to sit on.  And an nursery for the protection and rest of the smaller children.  It is all very organised and has been spontenous and from the heart.
Tomorrow we have municiple elections and by law today is the "day of reflection" where no one can campaign" for political reasons, and they want to use that law to get rid of the people in the area.  This should have been done last night at midnight.   The police sindicates where against getting the people out because a). there were too many, and small children and elderly people. and b) they were worried that it would turn into a bloodbath.  This was the police's advice.
I've only just got up, so I don't know what's been going on because the majority of the TV channels are just manipulating the news (there's a few that haven't completely done it) so I have to look on the internet.
Also, it's not just in Madrid, they're doing it in all major cities of the country.
I'll let you know more later on.
love Gladys