Dowsers are closet Gnostics !

Dowsers reveal in their little handbooks, that they are actually, gnostics, actively seeking the way home. They are in fact practising Ye Olde style Gnosis requiring daily or frequent meditations,  for decades, where internally questions are asked, and answers patiently awaited. Distinctly different to the LAY GNOSIS body field influence, the  dowser's rods or wires or pendulums used, physically respond to an all pervading influence called Chi or Earth energy or subtle energy.  The physical response of the dowsing tool to this Chi energy  is in  response to a question.

This can be verifed by the reader with 2 coat hangers. Might take half an hour.As per video.

After many years of meditation, and just picking up the rods and being mildly curious I soon realised I was going into a mild trance. Just like other dowsers do.

Doing this daily habituates the body into trance induction, and the dowsing books stress the importance of clearing the mind in each session, to get the best quality response,  from that mysterious second intelligence, that silently waits, to be discovered by questioning.

To navigate complex questions, dowsers invent  printed graded scales for the rod to point at. The scales can include numbers, percentages, colours, herbs etc.

The little dowsing books reveal the quality of the gnostic character........
There are methods of dowsing the human aura. Diagnosing illnesses or at least their herbal  remedies.
Obtaining advice, when difficult decisions are faced.
Advice even about placement of furniture in a home to optimise bed rest, reportedly adversely affected by some water deposits beneath houses. 

They even learn to dowse the earth's Chi energy lines, which has male and female components, yes Yin and Yang. Yes ! As in acupuncture ! These Chi lines have been followed for hundreds of miles by dowser teams.

These Chi Energy lines are often thru sacred places, such as churches, which are often built on top of prehistoric sacred sites.
Meaning ancient peoples were more in tune with the earth, than us moderns. 

Long term, the dowsers learn to dialogue with the  mysterious information provider, in their quiescent  minds, without rods or any device.They hear internal voices, pictures in their minds eye,  messaging dreams etc

So perhaps prehistoric (pagan?) dowsing peoples knew more about God and reality  than our modern day monotheistic religions, and scientists.And professional atheists.

A fact is, that not so long ago, dowsers were burned  by the great religions, for revealing they dialogued with an internal second intelligence to heal others and devise herbal remedies. Denounced as witches.Consorting with Satan. And modern society still demonises dowsers.

For those interested, I am including here some street directory pages with a symbol removed to enable anyone to practise map dowsing. As in finding the missing treasure.

No need to study the map. Use your rod to detect the subtle energy signal drawing your attention to the 2 map edge coordinates. So you will dowse along each row of letters or numbers and draw lines crossing to locate the dsymboled square, where the treasure lies.  You know who's waiting there.  



Map answers
Just ask.