The occult origins of our  "modern miracle medicines"

Our modern scientific educations falsely lead us to accept the scientific method as the sole arbiter and provider of truth. As a  'rational' reaction to all other sources of knowledge. which are denigrated as superstition, folklore, delusional irrationality. The scientific method is claimed to be objective and deductive thinking, and, given enough time, this method will reveal all knowledge. Although the media bombardment to this effect is never ending and so powerful and convincing,  this is an incorrect and oversimplified claim. A deception. And certainly only part of the story of how knowledge is acquired.
In the video example the first users of scientifically 'discovered' penicillin were forest  dwelling peoples using the antibiotic fungus, likely many, many thousands of years ago, in different parts of the world. These forest dwelling peoples had no 'scientific' qualifications yet they knowingly used antibiotics !  So without a scientific education how on earth could they do it ?
How could they choose one medicinal remedy out of a forest ,containing 100,000 species of living things?
The answer is likely  a purely natural survival procedure  inherited from animals, called dowsing or divination. Where a serious  health need is expressed, in the mind, and answers are provided from a person's second intelligence guiding the questioner to a medical remedy/solution.  This is going to work for any person who knows themselves sufficiently and trusts themselves. The second intelligence can provide physical signals external to the person such as a minor but discernible  movement of a lightly held stick, rod, dangling pebble, etc 
This may be accompanied by messaging day dreams. Internal physical signals also.Eyelid flickers, muscle twitches etc

If the medicinal cure works, it will be remembered and become tribal lore, and may be used for many thousands of years. This is what happened with penicillin.

Modern day white man's science comes along, in the 1920's and takes credit for discovering this miracle cure.
Certainly penicillin the active fungus ingredient being isolated and produced in ton quantities is a stunning modern achievement worthy of the highest acclaim !

But we would not have pencillin at all, if it were not for  unskilled, unscientific forest dwelling peoples using the occult art of dowsing, to locate forest remedies.

The objective proofs, double blind studies, much vaunted by modern science would have nothing to reveal in the  spectacular case of penicillin, without the advice from anthropologists, revealing  the  remedial property of  the fungus, was already widely known. 

Ironically, the  modern scientific method often requires a germ of an idea from outside the scientific regime !

So we can conclude that in some  major cases modern 'miracle medical science',  is literally depending on the occult practice of dowsing or divination by forest dwelling peoples.  Definitely this is never acknowledged in the mainstream media.  No way, Jose.

An idea you might meditate on, Godling.  





occult (-klt, klt)
1. Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena.
2. Beyond the realm of human comprehension; inscrutable.
3. Available only to the initiate; secret: occult lore. See Synonyms at mysterious.
4. Hidden from view; concealed