Forbidden History Artefacts supporting David Wilcock's contention of an earlier civilisation from Klaus Dona
Quite a thrilling slideshow of recovered historical artefacts from around the world that not only add weight to Wilcock's proposal of ancient civilisations being more capable than us with stone work,  small and massive, but with being more mentally developed, ascended, attuned , than us moderns.What did we lose? And were all the ancients human?
Video 3
 Clay stone figures Not precolumbian
Snake in mouth around neck
Asian face meditating mystical frog
with Pineal hat?
Standing figure snake pipe
Altiplano Bolivia
Impact in Argentina 5000yrs ago
Smashed many Bolivian features
Italian researcher Giancarlo Bonphanti
Puma Puku High quality stone work
 Cross symbol how done?
2.6 meter skeletons
Non human skulls large egg shaped
2 plate skull instead of  human 3 plate
Oversize stone masks large eye width
Third eye on second mask
Snake preoccupation in prehistory
Stone flute- brainwave sounds - normally inaudible
Meditation or healing process
Impossible  internal stone work
Diagrammatic instructions on the flute! How terribly modern !
Another flute dolphin sound
'Ludite' Genetic disk
Loodite, Ludite, Lieu dite, NOT on Google
Missing from 3  modern mineral databases
Likely not a mineral ?

Looks like plastic. Shiny  modern day appeal. Hmm
Discoverer Owner Jaime Gutirrez  Lega
Is a prominent  industrial designer. He likely designed and produced the plastic looking disk.

 Video 4 Genetic disk   luddite?
Obstetric instruments ludite?
Variety medical instruments
Columbia 6000 yrs old
Great tool affinity for the human hand
African Guinea half portrait of a lady
150 meters
12,000 yrs ago
face not African not european
Sierra Leone
mysterious sky blue stones
Colouring unknown
Professor Pitoni Vienna

Video 5  Up to 17,000 yr old artefacts
Figures astride elephants (None in South America)
Humans with reptilian heads.
Toothed dinosaur effigy hollow, containing small black ball of chromium iron (stainless steel)
17,000 yrs old. Not officially discovered till 1912.
Xray photos
Examples of fake giant - Photoshop competition

Genuine large skulls in Columbia tunnels 11,000yrs old
Front teeth not human
prominent lower jawline
Alleged Camelot contactee modern day reports Annunaki jutting jawline-similar 2.6 metres height.
Malta museum photos
Labelled as deformed skulls
Ica City-  near Nazca  lines Peru -now thought related to  underground rivers
Museum in home of  deceased Maria Reiche contains many strange skulls mistakenly labelled deformed
Doctors-Impossible to deform  so much by binding-
1964 Ecuador father Carlos Bacca
Mountain subsidence
Giant bones found (not due to binding)
Preoccupation with constellations

Vist ICA city 5 min travelogue
Video1 Camelot intro
Hidden History
Pyramid worldwide fascination
Global civilisation existed
Japan 1984 Yonaguni island 25m depth
Undersea contructions verified
Streets  open air theatres coliseum
Piri Reis Map
Antartica without ice
Atlantis? On the map.
World Map  from north pole perspective
Stone world map in Ecuador tunnel
These stone maps all have an EYE
Map EYE marks placement of the stone on the world map.
Pyramid EYE
Black light
Pyramid bottom base gold inlaid constellations- Orion
Pre Sanskrit writing
Found on stones worldwide 
Video 2
Jade snake glowing constellations
Stone mask 3rd eye
Jade plate luminous spiral
Glowing of the rings
Complex ceramic made in one piece
Shouldn't it collapse while wet ?
Pyramidal stone EYE 
Marble pyramid
Pyramid stone EYE
Orion stars again
Ceramic statue
Snake in mouth
Asian meditational pose in Ecuador !
Pineal buddha hat
From a Polish mysteries chatline
Name: Lydite is the mineralogicalification of lydia stone (touchstone).
References for Lydite
Reference List: Dana's System of Mineralogy, 6th ed. (1892).
(Lydian stone, touchstone or black jasper) is a smooth, black siliceous mineral. It is employed to test the purity of gold, the amount of alloy being indicated by the colour left on the stone when rubbed by the metal. The touch stone is a smooth fine grained, slightly abrasive black stone, usually quartz or jasper. It was used as the first method of assaying gold and was used at least as early as 500 BC. Touch stones and karat needles are still used today and can be purchased from jewelry supply houses. They obviously are not anywhere near the accuracy of a fire assay, but still serve as a valuable tool to test the karat value of unknown gold items. Steve as an old  jeweller there's a bit more to this- the gold scratch on th stone is then wet with calibrated nitric acid 10K 18 K etc If it disappears it isn't Gold. Same  abrasive stone as used to sharpen chisels. Very hard and wear resistant.It wears everything else. Prone to cracking must  not be dropped. Perhaps it can be chiseled, carved. Would seem a very bad  and odd choice for the above advanced carving exercise.Weight and coldness to one's feel would verify it as stone or plastic. Stone looks more like  jewellery Haematite ( shiny grey magnetic jewellery)
Polish Mysteries Chatline Juicy large still photos of Klaus Donas docco and NASA aliens too
I question the colour match of the above disk on this Google comparison.
I was nudged by source to put some explanatory notes on the pyramid gnosis diagram from millenia ago in Ecuador.
As a radio electronics technician I found this millenia old diagram of gnosis very appealing.
In computer databases we talk of connections between records as 'one  to many"
The symbolic schematic rock picture shows the normal 'sight'  of  one person being connected  to the all seeing eye of gnosis by the use of a pyramid held in the hands. And possibly some kind  of helmet (sonic resonator?) to aid the process.
Three sight lines imply the viewer has additional vision streams to see many many  extra things, including people normally out of sight , at great distance. This could easily explain how a world map could be chiselled onto a rock in the meditational state of gnosis, sitting in one place. You have heard of automatic writing , typing, now consider automatic rock scratching.
Significantly the map maker symbolised his position on his own world map as an EYE. All seeing ?  Thus Antarctica is easy. It's only sleepwalkers who can't understand this. Somebody got a guided world tour as they were welcomed home, a long time ago.
As I type this I am told helmets and pyramids are no longer necessary. LG is better. A gift from pure affection.