We have been discovered, here, Godlings
Idly searching Google just now and I find the Truebluehealer domain name is being used to sell a new age book. Shock horror you say. Oddly I had just read a review of this very book in Nexus magazine  Vol 17 No 3, April May 2010.   It's about ESP Induction via Self Hypnosis. So the review says.To me it  looks like another covert way home. Shhh.... Mums the word.

10. Learning To Fly: ESP Induction - Through Forms of Self-Hypnosis

- 3:26pm
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Here's the Google search
The  book author can only be described as illustrious. Here is his personal webpage 
Physicist herbalist Richard Alan Miller
Prepare to be impressed.
ESP by Self Hynosis
(below) The description of the author at  article end speaks volumes. A prolific producer of  consciousness books. Originally a physicist he presents consciousness augmentation described in alegebraic equations which certainly appeal to myself as a former electronics technician. So for example he sees mental clarity as signal-to-noise ratio etc.
His  crafty treatise describes a  mental question and answer technique  which is daily practised by  lay gnostics and we recognise as a way of questioning oneself into the awaiting arms of God.  Of course  he craftily stops short of that. Certainly in the little mag summary here.

BIG QUESTION how on earth did he find truebluehealer.com  ?
Was he nudged in ? It's happened numerous times before.
The book costing $18  is now available, from Alaska.
But the important thing is this prolific author  of parapsychology books found this website truebluehealer.com and is using this domain name to sell his book ! We have been discovered, Godlings. 
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