Dawkins surprise uturn
Dawkins reveals good case for a deist entity and aliens........
And now Dawkins wants to arrest the Pope

On account of  the priests coverup.Though there is far more child molesting by heterosexual married men in general society. Tons more. Priests are a drop in the ocean. Is it an accident or pure chance the worlwide media has taken up the cudgel against the Catholic church? And we just found out that professional Atheist James Randi  very quietly confesses to being gay. Internet rumours for years claimed Randi was convicted of soliciting underage boys.....a bit like a priest.


Another Prorninent  Lifelong atheist UTURNS
Things of  note in his Anthony Flew obituary bio include the atheists DESIRE FOR DEATH  in this article ending. This a common theme expressed amongst atheists in their  pseudoskeptic discourses.
And a jewish owned mag "The New York Times Magazine by Mark Oppenheimer"  asserted  Flew had fallen victm to Christian brainwashing in  his weakening years. The war between Judaism and Christianity is never ending , though Flew wrote his UTURN  was due to his DNA-genome  studies.