John Davison highly qualified eminent  Zoologist banished  by Darwinists all over the net for pointing out  major defects in the Darwinist religion.
Radio Interview John Davison
Blog on Banishment

This is the plight of the sleepwalkers. Zoologists and biologists all tend to be atheistic as they spend their whole lives fixating on the physical shapes of animals. Dawkins is a good example, of this obsessive materialism.
John Davison is an eminent zoologist caught on the wrong side of the divide where he still retains sufficient objectivity to give the religion of Darwinism  and it's practicioners a right caning for essentially masquerading as scientists.
So good is he at pointing out the obvious defects of darwinism he has been banished from Richard Dawkins own chatline and in fact every Darwnist chatline on the NET.  
He makes the usual materialist mistakes that skeptics often do  like saying there is no evidence of this and that whereas gnostic people know lots of it.

He has a refreshing original take on evolution that it's far from sorted out.Worth listening to.
Deprived of gnosis he remains a materialist sleepwalker. His hardcore belief in  skeptical science  means he will dismiss many of his own own  internal experiences to his own great detriment. A self crippling habit.
He actually says in this interview that he can't imagine anything non physical affecting reality.

Sunlight  Moonlight radio waves gamma bursts,  heat all seem obvious non physical  influences to me.

Its hard not to like this man and grieve a little bit for his heroic plight.