Decalcification with DMSO

Arthritic  and muscular back pain  vanishing in 45 seconds, with two drops of DMSO on the skin was thought, by my workaholic relatives with occupational injuries, to be a worthy experiment. Just put up with  the garlic fishy odour it gives to one's breath they said.
It's sold cheaply as medicine for horses. Pet supplies. Pharmaceutical grade. $50 a big bottle in OZ.

DMSO has a surprising list of medically proven benefits so much its used by some doctors intravenously to undo the damage of strokes for example. Angel, do see  the  fascinating page link  here. 

A non odourous version of DMSO is a white powder called  MSM.
Occurs naturally in vegetables but is destroyed by refrigeration and cooking. Deficiency claimed to be the source of many illnesses.

So off I went to order some DMSO and I fell down a rabbit hole.
A few Youtube videos by a man who was conceived by two doctors in a medical library, and was thus brought up madly reading science and medical books from childhood.
You just endure his hippy comedic delivery, it gets him onside with his counter culture audience.
Almost  at the end of the first  mini episode  he introduces the subject of his lecture  TISSUE CALCIFICATION and then goes on to explain it's the root cause of many illnesses.
And it soon becomes obvious Godlings, as he talks, why this is not publicised by corporate media. But Be discerning !



Properties of DMSO

that electricity thing seems fake.... he has no proof and it sounds really far fetched... sounds like it could even be damaging

How do you know he has no proof? Have you asked him for it? I agree some things in the community can sound far fetched (cough, cough,sun gazing) and everyone should do their research and not just buy into something... David is someone who does his research, hell, the man is a scientist who wears a poncho instead of a labcoat, and he will gladly share this with anyone who asks him.


  • Dude calcium is not Silicon. You can't convert it.

  • Dude Magnesium Can't Turn Into Calcium! i.e. Conservation of mass
    Many people selling products tell a few fibs. And I supect the chemistry is too complex to explain in 2 sound bites.