Crop Circles- their purpose
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Crop circles have a specific function. They are placed to catch and hold the attention of a certain demographic group. A most fascinating living enigma that appeals to people who want to wake up. That's people with a healthy curiosity who  collect and study mysteries rather than being a mere obedient drone like so many.The drones are content to be told what to think about everything, to submissively obey the requirements of society, and to ignore anomalies.A simple animal life they want. Not so the curious ones who ponder Crop Circles and many other anomalies in the pattern of life.

If you take a long term  interest in crop circles and read about them and the associated subjects you will become highly educated, growing dramatically, internally.You can wander through archaeology, anthroplogy, history, ethnography, politics, art, sacred geometry, humour, UFOs, aviation, physics,astronomy, mathematics, spirituality, religions. government conspiracies, pyramids, mythologies. The list is unending.

Every crop circle is a wake up call. Every question posed transports the questioner one more step. But where are you going? You're not sure but you are noticing more and more common themes as you amass knowledge.A macro perspective can grow within you.

The clue  to studying Crop circles is to ask oneself, What effect does the Circle have on myself internally? Emotionally. Intellectually. The noted evergrowing complexity and sophistication  of crop circles, makes them appear to be a count down. But to what event? you wonder. And wonder. And wonder.

Most people ignore their dreams. But to their wondering, a  few crop circle people, realise they are getting answers in dreams to that very question. More nudges in dreams. There can be biochemical effects in crop circle visitors, such as spontaneous healings, personal transformations, sudden deep insights.
These lucky people realise that they are being beckoned. Lured. An intelligence is at work hanging out anomalous phenenomena. 
Questions arise. One notes there is no violence in crop circles. No one has EVER been injured by a crop circle ! Totally non violent they are - So what is the motivation of the intelligence that makes crop circles and dreams and spontaneous healings?

Answer: Pure Affection

So Crop Circles are just another way to bring Godlings Home.  


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