Alex Collier in Camelot

Alex Collier  has star billing in Camelot, the whistleblowers website. He has had , since childhood, many alien encounter experiences all of which mentored him into becoming gnostic.The message he passes on from his alien mentors is an advocacy of society wide gnosis. As a gnostic he explains in a marathon video lecture some 102 minutes in length that it is vitally important that earth people become gnostic themselves in order to transition us, from the current fear based power pyramid style of government, and general organisation, which depends greatly on secrecy, to something completely opposite, namely the holographic society where most information is available to anyone via their internal mentor. God. It is a  critical stage in our species development. Make or break.
He also explains with great clarity the history of alien interventions in our culture which are longterm, ongoing and often to our society's detriment. To overcome this toxic secret's effect on society he advocates widespread gnosis very capably, yet does not suggest any particular method of getting there.
So I produced a video on Alex Collier offering a quick 20 minutes connection to God at TBH.

Also mentioned Camelot in the video title hoping to get their attention. It would seem advantageous to have LAY GNOSIS videos in the Camelot video collection. And it seems so difficult to get the attention of  those celebrities. Here's hoping.

And the reason I change colour in the second video is that it was so hot, 44 degrees, I put the camera in the fridge.