Man Made  Global warming- the biggest lie of all time? Climategate !

Have collected a number of links here with the altenative media's take on the publication of 61Mbytes of private emails by climate "scientists' at Essex University in the UK.
Only 30 people in this group, some mere students, they report directly to the UN ! The group leader Phil Jones has been suspended pending investigation. The numerous  damaging emails make it clear the scientists are falsifying data to fit political policy of a one world government, the UN, financed by a global tax on every person who breathes. And paying trillions of dollars through the hands of bankers will somehow change the earths climate we are told. Keep us safe. The projected new  financial trading industry is twice as big as Oil. Would anyone lie for that?

The group leader Phil Jones caught instigating basically criminal behaviours to hide the fact the the earth is really cooling, is unrepentant like Tony Blair of WMD/ IRAQ fame.
Phil Jones appears to believe that no matter how wrong he is actually is, in his heart  he is still right. Just like Tony Blair insists that a million Iraqi  dead are not his fault with such convincing passion.

In the last 300 yrs science became the western religion of reason.The belief that science trumped all other forms of reasoning and civilised conduct has been largely unquestioned just like an old fashioned religion.
Just when the NWO seemed unstoppable,
here in the greatest fraud in human history, Science has shot itself in the foot bigtime.

Science is just another criminal enterprise.We're only human was one scientist's excuse.

Almost every government in the world is complicit in this. Both sides of politics.
Autsralia may be the first country in the world where a conservative party has broken with the carbon scam. It split the Liberal party opposition in two. It poses grreater problems for the Government of Mr K Rudd. They are Gung ho Copenhagenists. Surrendering  us to the one world government.

The release of the  criminal scientist's emails may be bigger than the fall of the Soviet union long term. The emails are already validated and proven genuine. It underlines that most governments are enemies of their own people.  That no government can ever be trusted again.

Al Gore, liar extraordinaire like Tony Blair,  has already cancelled his appearance at Copenhagen next week. That's the planned surrender of humanity to the bankers organised by our own governments. Signing us into slavery.

But the NWO plan may not be installed as smoothly as they hoped.
Even if signed, governments signing could be thrown from office.

Supplied here are quite few links to get you on top of this and understanding this quickly.

The celebration of the email release that trips the NWO into the mud starts with
Alex Jones at
Second video Alex jones ravefest. A sight to behold.



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